Full plate here until next week when I’ll reappear in the city to celebrate my mom’s birthday. She’s 97 going on 47.  

Until then, two more great pix from Iran: Isfahan.  

We had the very special treat today to go into the Archaeological Conservation Lab at the Friday Mosque and then up on the roof…

The roof on the mosque is made of mud and straw which gives it that color….  

  One of the 10th century bridges  

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t while I’m on this short hiatus. Of course, should there be breaking news, like more Bedford moms double parking, I’ll be right on it. 

Til then… 

7 thoughts on “Intermission 

  1. Happy Birthday to EOS’s Mom. If my recall is any good, she’s a bridge player so my birthday wish is many bid and made seven no trump hands.

    Cold, gray, raw, wet as all get out here but I’m one who appreciates a good nor’easter every now and then.

    1. Good memory. She plays bridge at least three days a week. I think that goes a long way in why she hadn’t lost a single brain cell. Bridge requires a lot of thinking, good for aging seniors.

  2. Have a lovely time with your mom!🎂

    We just returned from a m Philly. Tuesday was a half day, and rainy, so we headed up to a cave in Bucks County that kick off next semester geology/earth science. Yesterday we spent the whole day at Longwood Garden (finishing up a semester of botany studies) and that was a huge hit. And today we went to Simeone and the Swedish American historical museum. The boys loved the cars, but I’m not sure they fully appreciated the meaning of the collection. I did buy some magazines and a phamphlet about the collection so they could learn more. Thanks for the tips, we hope to get to the prison next time–weather was pretty bad.

    1. What a fabulous itinerary. Your boys are so lucky to have you as their teacher. Semester in Botany!! Awesome. I grew up going to Longwood so I know how fabulous it is. Thinking out loud, Kennett Square is the mushroom capital of the world and I would think the boys would love to see how they are grown. And it fits in with botany.

  3. Happy birthday to your mom. I have a very active 95 year old aunt who lives along and plants a garden every year. One son lives close and checks on her every day.

    My weather is wet, windy and in the 40s today. That’s better than the cold 30s we have been having.

    1. Thanks for the wishes Mrs. Idaho. Lucky for your aunt she has such a great supportive family to keep in close contact. I talk to my mom at least twice a day, sometimes more. She loves to just gab. I love it too.

      I have friends in Denver who showed me the wallop of winter they got. I’m not ready. It’s very windy here today but bright sunshine. For that I am grateful.

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