Totally Scary, Too Close By, and Oh So Tragic

A prominent North Salem woman, age 83, was found dead at her estate today. Police are calling it a homicide.

Photo credit: LoHud

The story is everywhere in the news – all local and NYC channels have picked up the murder but here is the summary from the Daily News.

Westchester socialite Lois Colley was found dead in her home Monday, the victim of a suspected homicide, state police said.

Cops said the 83-year-old wife of millionaire McDonald’s franchise owner Eugene Colley suffered a “suspicious death,” but they offered few details about the scene inside her sprawling private farm on Titicus Road in North Salem pending an afternoon press conference.

Colley was known as a local philanthropist whose husband amassed his fortune with scores of McDonald’s restaurants.

“They’ve been part of the North Salem community for a long time. They’re a very close family,” North Salem town historian Susan Thompson told The Journal News.

The family was heavily involved in local fox hunting, and Lois Colley was a constant presence as well as an avid golfer, Thompson said.

“She goes to every hunting event,” Thompson said. “It isn’t a hunt without her there.”

Colley’s polo-playing entrepreneur son Bruce Colley was the subject of news reports back in 2003, which claimed he had an affair with Kerry Kennedy Cuomo when she was married to Andrew Cuomo.

His wife Ann Colley later filed for divorce.

The property is beautiful (I’ve been there for a local function) with several outbuildings dotted around the acreage, so it’s hard to comprehend someone could come in unnoticed, kill Mrs. Colley, and leave unnoticed.


Photo courtesy of LoHud


9 thoughts on “Totally Scary, Too Close By, and Oh So Tragic

  1. Oh noooooooo. She was a fixture in North Salem. I agree that it seems hard to understand how the crime could have been committed by a stranger. I say it had to be by someone known to the groundskeepers and other staff/employees/ living in the outbuildings.

  2. I don’t know her or North Salem but pretty shi**y that the newspaper dragged Lois’s son’s affair into the article of her murder.

      1. Here’s a more thorough story, updated this afternoon but still with mention of sons affair. Too bad.

        They’ve eliminated the husband.

        Westchester Socialite Found Murdered On 300-Acre Estate: Gothamist

        1. Oops. Link didn’t work.

          Also, I meant to say they eliminated the husband as a suspect. Not that someone eliminated the husband. 😀

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