I’m Still Scratching My Head

UPDATE 5PM MONDAY: Per Swanton’s thought process, a good one, there is no mail in my box as of this end of day hour. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

No, I don’t have lice but look……my All Clad Tea Kettle is here.


I called the post office this morning and my mailman said he dropped off the box and all my mail on the front door stoop. I told him it was not there and that we looked all over – front, side, everywhere. He swore the box was there.

I opened the front door while I was on the phone with him, and there, on the stoop, the box and my mail. Um, never mind.

Now, I tell you, I am not crazy. That box was not there Saturday night and not there all day Sunday. We were in and out all day Sunday, ten times at least, and there’s no friggin’ way it was there the whole time.

I’m guessing it was misdelivered, lock stock and barrel, to a neighbor’s doorstep and they brought it here this morning. If it were there the whole time and two people didn’t see it, it might be time to move into a senior citizen community. It’s so strange. The other peculiar aspect is that if a neighbor did get it by mistake, they would have (a) called me right away or (b) left me a note with the box to explain they had it.

Anyway, the kettle is beautiful but I won’t know how it works until tonight – I’m out for the whole day, dentist, then my regular rotation at a soup kitchen nearby.

Happy Monday. Bright blue sky and sunshine!

7 thoughts on “I’m Still Scratching My Head

  1. I’m guessing the mail and your tea kettle were delivered before dawn this morning by the USPS.
    Will be interested in knowing whether any other mail gets delivered to you today.

  2. Dear Mrs. EOS:

    It has been brought to our attention that you are still mystified by your lack of mail on Saturday and Sunday. We apologize for the unannounced interception of your water kettle however we were concerned that you might try to convert the item into an unauthorized makeshift pressure cooker.

    The President has declared that women of Italian heritage over the age 40 are now to receive additional scrutiny when purchasing items over the internet and request rapid delivery of the product.

    Normally we leave a calling card with re-delivered intercepted mail but that pitbull you have made our bowels go loose and we took off before she made a meal of us. Sorry. But at least we now know you aren’t a national security threat (that’s what we’re putting on your field card so we don’t have to deal with that damned DAWG again).

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