It Only Says It’s Been Delivered….

But they don’t know my mailman!! And I use the term mailman loosely.


It’s 4:59p, my mailbox is empty, empty to the core. Not even any junk mail, let alone this package. I clicked the I can’t Find It link on Amazon..


Ha ha. Nothing at front door. Nothing at kitchen door. I called the Bedford PO, ha ha, as if they’d actually answer at this hour.

Soooooooooooooo, either the mailman delivered my mail and package to a neighbor (which he’s prone to doing) or he took the afternoon off, decided he needed a tea kettle himself, and went home.

Either scenario, I am not a happy camper. However, the good news is that I’ve pretty much recovered from my Indian food malaise, but am enjoying laying low this weekend. Fuzzy slippers and tea. Of course, the irony is that my new tea kettle would have made damn good tea.

17 thoughts on “It Only Says It’s Been Delivered….

  1. Here’s something strange. I didn’t recall checking the mailbox yesterday so around 11:00 this morning I took a look and found, believe it or not, mail! Early for our mail delivery today. At 4:00, I looked in the mailbox and it was empty. Did I check the mailbox yesterday? I don’t think so… At this time of the year, we always get mail.
    So, with no bills to look at I made cookies and opened a bottle of wine.
    Good to know you’re on the road to recovery. Are you going to watch SNL tonight? I will if I can stay up late enough for it.

    1. Yes please. I am replacing an electric kettle with a stove top one, tired of the big electric one sitting on my counter or dragging it our for winter’s tea.
      I know ALL my neighbors so I’m thinking no one got my mail and box, or else they’d call or bring it by. So I stand by my original thought – the “mailman” scanned the box as delivered, was too tired to actually work today, and went home.

  2. Your thought that the mailman has it is not so far fetched. Don’t you remember the Mount Kisco PO case where employees were stealing gift cards etc?

    Catherine, I’m hearing on the police scanner that McLain between Springhust and Green is closed. You are right there aren’t you? Accident at deadman’ curve?

    1. I think Catherine is closing up her Adirondacks cottage this weekend. I saw the Nixle alert. Says “car incident”. Has to be that curve. Killer.

      1. I was away. I can’t find any information on the accident. Nothing in the local online papers so hopefully that means there were no fatalities.

  3. My mailman scans in the morning and delivers late afternoon, so the first time it happened to me, I thought someone step my mail! Stupid mailman!

    1. The pain is that I won’t know until Monday if my package was delivered elsewhere or, like you indicated, he scanned it in the morning because he saw it was scheduled to be delivered today but will bring it when it suits.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      PS: I knew what you meant to say. But auto correct is a pain.

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