It Might Have Been the Baingan Bharta


A friend and I popped into a 4-star Indian restaurant before going to an early afternoon showing of Spectre but I didn’t make it to the movie. I had to DASH home, and by DASH I mean oh my god I barely made it. Fortunately we took separate cars because I drove like a bat out of hell, my stomach churning the whole time.

I ordered Baingan Bharta (here is the NYT recipe and below a photo also from the NYT). Mine looked pretty similar. Eggplant basically, which I love. It tasted fine, nothing off like it was bad, but within ten minutes of eating it my stomach was saying hey, what was that you ate?

Baingan Bharta
Baingan Bharta, photo New York Times

Long story short, I’ll live, but I’ll gladly take all the sympathy you want to heap upon me. I’m not proud. 🙂

Ginger ale in hand, feet up, that’s it for me for the rest of the day, and if I can milk it more, I’ll seek sympathy the whole weekend.

2 thoughts on “It Might Have Been the Baingan Bharta

  1. Oh, oh. Sorry to hear you’re ailing. I looked at the recipe and the only ingredient that stands out as a possible source of your agony is the cilantro.
    What is one supposed to do, I wonder. You can’t be positive your lunch was the source although I’m betting it was. Call the restaurant, the board of health, your doctor? Or, stay home, suffer and pray it goes away.
    Here’s hoping you begin to feel better very soon.

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