Watch Out! Bedford Police Mean Business Now

The Bedford Police Department unveiled their new Polaris all-terrain vehicle today. Begs the question – what’s it for? Looks like it has a utility body – for dragging dead deer off Route 22? High speed chase across Martha Stewart’s 100 acres?


I’m not far off at all in my guess- I do love that it was paid for by a private donor – unless it was George Soros’s dirty money (UGH!). I hope the gift was made by Martha, a huge supporter of the horse trails and also pretty generous in town.

Had I been the donor, I might have suggested the town buy a less Bedford looking model. But then again, no one asked me.

028 Redneck ATV
Let’s dine at the club tonight dear.

I’m sure, when there are no riding trails emergency, the town will put their new toy to good use corralling Bedford’s most dangerous element…. Jaywalkers. 🙂

Sure lady, I’ve heard it all before. You HAD to get to Pilates in a hurry.

9 thoughts on “Watch Out! Bedford Police Mean Business Now

  1. In all seriousness, jaywalking in Bedford Village is deadly. The woman who died crossing the street at Truck and years ago, the woman who crossed from St. Patrick’s Church to Historic Hall. It’s awful at the Green above the post office too. I’m glad the town is ticketing jaywalkers. It’ll save lives.

    1. The woman who crossed the street from Truck to where she parked her car at the hardware store had no legal crosswalk. She crossed at her own peril and sadly, did not make it. The driver was not charged. Same with Mrs. Renwick. It was a rainy fall night – election night I recall and she crossed from her house to vote at Historic Hall. Deadly place to cross. With one crosswalk at the post office, it’s impossible to assume people are going to walk down to the crosswalk there if they’ve parked up at the deli to go to the deli or Consider the Cook. The crosswalk at further up is in the wrong place too because people park in the strip mall to cross the street to eat at 234 etc. You can’t blame the people. I think there need to be more crosswalks or in the spirit of Greenwich, glove-wearing guards.

    1. There have been bear sightings in parts of Armonk that border North White Plains. Too many coyote where I am in Bedford for bear to wander in. But now that I’m writing this – would coyotes would go after bear? Or vice-versa?

  2. How’d you get that photo of me and my cousin? I don’t remember signing no photo release. I’m gonna sue! See you at Judge Judy … after we do Jerry Springer.

      1. Triplets? Whose? His? Just puleeze don’t say the Duggars. This state is embarrassing enough without more of their sexual capers.

        You keep up with Springer? I’m intrigued.

        1. I was playing off your comment that “me and my cousin” we’re on the redneck ATV and went from there. God no, I do not watch Jerry Springer but I have a friend whose sister was on the crew for years.

  3. The clinic gave Springer info about my triplets without asking me first? Huge lawsuit. Next up: Oprah. In the mean time, I’ll be at the slots at the best casino in Tunica — the one with free 24-hour childcare.

    (😀 No need to reply unless you want to … we’ve likely played this storyline out well beyond normal readers’ interest. )

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