8 thoughts on “I Can See Myself!

    1. It was great for many reasons – being treated (#1). I had yummy red snapper last night. The place was packed for a Monday night. Impressive. Yes, do go. Try going for lunch first to see what you like and don’t. Brunch is pretty hectic so don’t let that be your first experience. A weeknight dinner is an easy option too. Warning: Valet parking only, so bring a few bucks for tip.

  1. Well done!

    Now I’m back to review your Philadelphia highlights, as I’m sucking it up and going along to Trevose next week…watch out, it’ll be homeschool in the pool on Wednesday and thursday😀

    1. The only upside to Trevose is it is easier to get to than Radnor – a straight shot off 276. I used to go to races at Langhorne Motor Speedway back in high school – it’s long gone. What is there to do in Trevose for the kids??

      1. Nothing that I know of…the hotel near the office has a nice pool according to my hubs, so that will be fun for them. I may venture to Eastern State Penitentiary, given your glowing review. But the website says 7+ and my little guy is 5 1/2… Is it just the creepy factor? I’m pretty sure my 10 year old would love it.

        1. It’s not really creepy in any scary sense – I think it’s extraordinarily educational and both your boys would love it. I am surprised there is an age minimum. There’s nothing that I could see that is objectionable.

  2. Not an actual minimum, but they said recommended for seven and above–maybe they just discourage toddlers running amuck! Auto museum looks cool too, I can win loads of mom kudos for that one, I’m sure. Thanks for your reports!

    1. The car museum is a boys delight and lots of history to learn there too.

      I vote you take the boys to both. Very different but both with much to absorb.

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