My First Stop Was Almost My Last

I totally forgot how awful Philly drivers are and how crazy roads are around Center City. The first stop before getting to the hotel was Simeone Auto Musuem, near the airport. Even with GPS, I had to do a quick 180 on Essington Road, missing the turn onto 70th street. Phew. 

My hands were stuck to the steering wheel and my knuckles white from hairpin turns and massive trucks on roads under reconstruction, so narrow that my car kept beeping that I was too close to the temporary barrier. Yikes!!!!  But all great cars. Teaser….   


6 thoughts on “My First Stop Was Almost My Last

    1. Would you believe it was the only car NOT in its place. I forgot to ask why. I’ll ask my boys. Maybe it’s been moved to another venue or sold? I took a photo of its placard, for what that’s worth!! 🙂

    1. Well, truth be told, the reason the Cobra Daytona Coupe was missing was they let me drive it over the Ben Franklin Bridge. All I can say is oops.

  1. We were looking for an interesting spot to spend a few hours when driving from Boston to Baltimore and you found it for us. What a fantastic collection! Unrestored, original cars with pedigrees that can’t be beat. Love it!
    Hard to choose a favorite but there’s an awfully attractive Alfa in the collection. Then, the ones with a prancing horse on the hood are calling my name. I’ll just have to see them in person to decide.

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