For my Audi diagnostic appointment today, they said “be here at 7”. I arrived at 6:56, first in line and before any service rep appeared. Drinking “coffee” out of an industrial Keurig doesn’t add to the overall joy of being up and out so early. I’m catching the worm!  

6 thoughts on “Yawn

    1. Nah. Love my Q5. Mr. EOS preferred sitting in and driving our X5 but neither of us liked the cost difference of the two so when it came time to trade in, we went over to Audi and are on our second Q5.
      Today was a breeze. Simply a sensor gone bad that told the computer dashboard that there was low oil. Low oil triggered the EPC warning. Glad it was just a sensor. Time for breakfast.

    1. Answering your question would require me being awake enough to notice if the gift shop was open. Such was not the case.
      I’d like to know who would buy that bear. No one I know.

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