C’Mon Girl. It’s Only Rain! 

Dawg circled and circled to go out but refused to actually go out because she heard and smelled the rain. So I grabbed her raincoat, yes, she has a raincoat, a pitbull with a raincoat, I get the irony, velcroed the undersides and neck, and off she pranced. Such a proud mom. 🙂

13 thoughts on “C’Mon Girl. It’s Only Rain! 

  1. OMG -raincoats??? Why have I not thought of that? Do they sit patiently while you put them on? (‘They’ as in Dawg and Anonymous @ 7:05’s lab) My dog freaks out when I put her cheerleader costume on at Halloween but maybe I should try this. Too cute.

    1. Dawg does stand for this. I guess she actually likes not to get soaking wet. And it’s good quality with heavy duty Velcro under the belly and another at the neck.

      1. The rain is not fun. I do believe my dog enjoys the towel/massage/rub down she gets when coming in soaking wet. I have to throw a treat outside though to get her to venture out. She’s getting fatter and fatter :). That Dawg is one cute pooch.

        1. Seriously? You ring the doorbell and she knows to go out? That is very impressive. Can you come over to my house and teach me how to train my dog?

        2. No. I ring the doorbell so she thinks someone is there and wants to go outside to bark at the enemy. She falls for it every time. Pathetic, I know, but when I can’t get her out, I do it.

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