± ∞ New Math × ÷ = Shoprite


Yes yes, I know I said I wasn’t going back to Shoprite, but after my long morning in Greenwich, I had to do a quick loop of chores in Bedford Hills. I needed two things at the market and I was already at the CVS in the same shopping center so I dashed in for several trays of stew beef for Dawg’s Dinner. I checked out in the express lane, the total came to $21.50 but when the cashier scanned my Shoprite card, the total came down to $10.50. She said did you know you have an $11.00 credit? I laughed out loud. So there’s the $11.00 credit I was supposed to have long ago!

I explained to her, in my most honest tone, that I had already used the $11.00 credit, that it was given to me in cash when I did The Great Cheese Swap a couple of weeks ago. She wasn’t remotely understanding what I was saying so I thought about it for thirty seconds and decided what the hey, Shoprite kinda owes me this anyway for all the mess they’ve made. I used the credit, feeling a tad bit guilty, but not enough to stop me.

Cold rainy day so it’s nice to be home, back inside, making more coffee to counter the lack of real caffeine at 7am.

10 thoughts on “± ∞ New Math × ÷ = Shoprite

        1. It’s gonna need to be a MUCH larger container to wash away all my sins!! But this size will suit for today’s Shoprite white collar crime. Book ‘her Dano.

    1. Funny. Watching news now. CNN on Blimp Overload, waiting for Wolf to utter “oh the humanity”!! I’m going tomorrow morning and by that time Brady should be able to fully deflate the blimp or F-18 fighter jets will shoot it down. I’m guessing the guy whose job it was to tie the tethering knot is out of a job. 😁

  1. I always pointed out when a cashier made a mistake in my favor. Until…When a convenience store undercharged me I tried to pay the the difference but neither the cashier nor the manager could handle it. The cash register didn’t have a key for that sort of thing and it wouldn’t open without a sale. After almost 30 minutes of trying to be the good guy I was asked to forget about it. Unless the difference is material, I let it slide now. In the case of the $11.00 though, given the history, I would have done exactly as you did, EOSr without feeling any guilt whatsoever.
    Drizzling here with wind gusts to approach 50mph tonight. Local flooding possible with the next two high tides. High 60’s tomorrow before falling back into, well, fall temps. With wet leaves everywhere, it’s a good night to stay off the roads.

    1. I’m with you. I always say if I’ve gotten back too much change. And once I was charged $1.99 for something that was $199. I said something, obviously. Had the Shoprite cashier spoken better English or my explanation not so complicated, I would have pressed the issue. I was getting nowhere.
      It’s POURING in Bedford. Two roads already closed in town, accidents with the leaves and rain. This is also the kind of weather when trees come crashing down. I’m not only home and off the roads, I’m already in my pajeedies and fuzzy slippers. I got SOAKED hauling in the trash cans, so much so the only logical choice was to pretend the day is over. Love it.

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