7 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast

    1. My intent of the dude by side photos was to show how two women of privilege can project with their body language and how they stand who is pretending to be happy and who is really happy. It’s quite telling.

  1. No contest. I’m impressed by the way the duchess of Cambridge has risen to the occasion and I bet it hasn’t been a walk in the park. Not with all those royal rules, anyway. She’s clearly in it for the long haul. Hasn’t embarrassed the crown since she put her tiara on. Something to be said for that. Plus, she looks like she’s having a blast.
    Michelle scowls a lot. Think she’s unhappy living in DC and that’s why she travels so much? Maybe she prefers modern architecture to that old place on Pennsylvania Ave.

    1. Happiness is always in the eyes. Happy people eyes twinkle. Unhappy people scowl.
      Agree Kate and William have told each other they are in this forever. No cheating. No scandals. And with that pact, they can relax a bit and be themselves.

      Michelle seems lost in this life. She wants to be Beyoncé and party with all the cool people. What a shame she doesn’t understand that being First Lady is a rare privilege that should be respected and enjoyed. Sad for her all of it is lost on her.

  2. Wookies are rarely happy.
    One person realizes it is a privilege and is grateful. And the other … Nuff said, and the same for the spouse.

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