Because I’ve Got Nothing Else

My Oh My, Rio
My Oh My, Rio

Not enough time to blog today, nor tomorrow either so I’m leaving up this bookmark as a feast for your eyes. I believe CosHarbour so requested. Asked and answered sir.

Heading into Greenwich tonight for a swanky cocktail party then back to Greenwich early in the morning to see if my Audi can be revived after the recent occurrences of the EPC warning.

Thursday, be prepared for my series, Girls Gone Wild in Philadelphia. Could be cheesesteak porn among the photos of art and culture. Three days of sightseeing in my old haunt with dear girlfriends to tag along for the fun. Can’t wait.

12 thoughts on “Because I’ve Got Nothing Else

  1. I’ll be listening about Philadelphia — my husbands office is in the suburbs. We used to go down with him frequently, but his office moved to a less nice area (Radnor to Trevose) and I’ve run out of fun things to do. Last year I had the homeschool mom glorious day of joy at Independnce hall when my guys were more knowledgeable and than high schoolers and adults–and more excited to be there, too. Seriously, people stopped them on the street hours later to praise them! 👏😎

    1. We’ve mapped out a few destinations so far – Barnes Foundation, Eastern Penitentiary, historic Strawberry Mansion, Simeone Automotive Museum, Pat and/or Geno’s for cheesesteak and Boathouse Row along the Schuylkill.

      Radnor to Trevose is a HUGE HUGE HUGE change. Kudos to your boys. I have no doubt they are getting a phenomenal education at home. I am in awe of your ability to be patient and focused to take on such an important task. Applause applause.

  2. It’s never Pat’s and Geno’s. Like saying you root for both the Mets & the Yankees. Pat’s for me. Order is simple- two words. Provolone, with.

    If you’ve never been, check out the U Penn Museum. Loved getting lost in the Egyptian collection to avoid homework.

    1. As a Penn grad, I plan to walk the quad for a few laughs.
      Actually, all of us are more interested in a good Italian sub than a cheesesteak. New Englanders haven’t a clue. Growing up in Delaware where there were real deal Italian delis where an Italian sub was mounded with all kinds of good meat, and pickles, that’s what we’re craving. The heck with what WHO says.

  3. Skip Pat’s and/or Geno’s…go to Tony Luke’s! If you have room on your itinerary maybe the Rodin Museum? I’d love to see photos from there.

    1. Is there a Tony Luke’s at the Reading Market? Our hotel is near there. Thanks for the tip and for suggestion of the Rodin Museum. It was not on our list, until now.

    2. Does it make a difference which Tony Luke’s we go to? Should I aim for the original location on East Oregon? I’ll have the car – the others are coming up by train so we can go to any one of the locations. I see there’s one at Temple U on Broad Street. I’ll defer to your Philly expertise.

      1. I’ve only been to the one on East Oregon as far as their Philly locations…I wouldn’t think it would matter.

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