Monday, Monday.

The Giants won. The Patriots won.

Joe Biden says the reason he didn’t run is because he couldn’t win. B-o-l-o-g-n-a.

The body of Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler, who died in Iraq, comes home to Dover AFB with only Ash Carter there to salute him. I must have missed the footage of Obama singing Amazing Grace for a fallen hero.

Now, back to regularly scheduled photos, you guys regaled me with tons of things to post today.

First up, CosHarbour, gorgeous autumn photos from his weekend pad. I vote we have a party there, soon.







Cos, it must be so invigorating to escape the city after a long work week to the tranquility and beauty of the country. Thanks for sharing your slice of heaven with us.

Next, SoundBeacher, always out and about, seeing all that happens in Greenwich.

Weightlifting in Greenwich, a la Venice Beach?

Yes, The Dave Theis Memorial Bench Press Competition! 

The women’s weightlifter winner and only female participating, she’s a Junior in college
A fly fisherman was working his rod
The Police Boat was out doing donuts, really

SoundBeacher attended the the dedication of the Old Bard down at Tod’s Point.  This building had been nearly destroyed,  by Super Storm Sandy three years ago this week. Now all that can be a fading memory.

The new outdoor dining Sue Baker Pavilion, seats 125
They’ve restored the old fieldstone posts and reused a lot of the original materials for the posts and walls.
Can’t match the view, from any angle
The day of the dedication it was cold and windy, but there was a good turnout
And for a little A LOT OF Monday humor, Swanton sent me a menu with some pretty hilarious typos. I’ve opted out of linking to the restaurant, although someone needs to tell them, soon! I mean, Pome Fritz!!! LOL!!
menu menu2

12 thoughts on “Monday, Monday.

  1. Cos, you sure do have a great place to get away. The sprawling long views of fields is a rarity today. I hope and pray it never becomes a sea of crappy houses.

    SB, The Tod’s beach house is spectacular. Must have been quite a hefty restoration cost if the project got $500k grant from the Department of Interior. I like that locals donated money too. Let’s hope it withstand the test of time.

  2. Meant to add: You have to out that restaurant. The typos are far too many.

    I want the Creamy of Polenta with the 18th month aged proscutto. I guess the printers first language isn’t English, or Italian!

  3. The historic part of the FEMA exemption is the cobblestone detail in the asphalt drive, in SB’s photo of the empty bench and pumpkin. That’s the foundation of the old cow barn.

    With that nod to history, the restoration of the snack bar was built ignoring FEMA codes and standards that apply to residential construction. In the Joachin threat, the funiture was lashed down. Had the storm come into L I Sound, the entire place would have washed away the week before opening day.

    The freezers from the former refreshment stand are still visible on the rocks at Greenwich Island in the Cove.

    1. Dang Luke, that looks delicious. You gypped us here at EOSr – we didn’t see any of your photos to France and that AirBnB in Paris we were all hoping was perfection.

      1. Sorry. The AirBnB was great if a little noisy from the nearby Sevres Babylone metro station, but nothing at all unbearable. Rue Babylone is about 50 steps to Le Bon Marche. Le Grand Epicerie – part of Bon Marche constellation – is an epicurean Champs Elysee. I could easily spend a whole day just there. The food is INSANE!!!!!! Then of course there’s Les Deux Magots for Salade Perigourdine, as linked above and also Bistrot Paul Bert for Steak au Poivre. AND… AND I lost weight while I was there just by walking everywhere! I LOVE Paris!

        1. You’re preaching to the choir. Lived there on that block for over a year. A kiosk with croque monsieurs at one corner. A patisserie and panier on the block. I’d love another year there to refresh my speaking skills.

  4. Menu typos kill me. I try to ignore them because hub says I’m too critical, but they jump out at me the second I open the menu. Spelling mistakes in general drive me batty in a business (I don’t know – hire someone to proofread your marketing materials?), but it’s the menu mistakes that bother me most. If there’s no attention to detail in how the menu is presented, then they’re probably just as careless in the kitchen. No dirty pome fritz for me, thanks!

    1. I’m with you winechick. There are entire websites devoted to menu typos. As you can imagine, there are some doozies!! I’ll never be able to call those fries anything but pome fritz from here forward.

      1. I’m thinking it may have been a printer’s typo or how a child spelled it and the resto owners thought was very funny so left it uncorrected. It’s kinda like a Trademark… the more fanciful, the more memorable, the more memorable, the more likely you’ll go back. Just a thought.

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