Warning: This is Obscene


I mean, really NYT? This is just sick tanking for Hillary. 

I’m totally down in the dumps after the Benghazi hearings. My stupid R’s handing Hillary the keys to the Oval Office, but for the NYT to rub it in my face, too much. I’m so glad I don’t enrich their coffers anymore with a subscription. 

5 thoughts on “Warning: This is Obscene

  1. I can’t believe you’ve given up hope. You still have to believe that sone Republican will rise out of the piles of asses running. The best thing for the Dens and Hillary is to be complacent that she has already won. Then we pounce. I’m expecting Christie to rise. I like Kasich too. Keep the faith EOS. Keep the faith.

    1. For now I have given up hope. If the DOJ sees no wrongdoing in Lois Lerner how is there any hope for the FBI to find criminality in Hillary’s email. Dana Perino said this morning the R’s in the hearing should have asked two questions and concluded. The longer Hillary talked the more her numbers rose in the polls. It’s that simple.
      Christie is dead in the New Jersey ocean where he stood to hug Obama. Rubio is too young. Trump is a loose cannon. Cruz scares the bejesus out of me. I like Kasich too but he’s not much of a voice yet. Sigh.

    2. Christie is hated as a RINO (as are most of the rest) by the base. The only Republican with the brains to mop the floor with the nasty old *itch is Ted Cruz, but the country club establishment types hate him. But they’re also not too enthralled with the newest iteration Shrub either, now that he’s slipping ever further back in the polls. If there’s any message at all coming from the electorate this cycle it is that they HATE the status quo and they want to shake shit up and anyone who gets in the way is toast. That’s also true of the democrats though to a lesser degree. The young can’t stand Hillary AND her negatives exceed her positives, nearly always a fatal problem in the general election.

      1. I know that Cruz is brilliant but I don’t know any R my age who would want him president. I guess that makes me and my friends all country club establishment types? I never thought of myself that way but I’m not enthralled with Jeb so maybe I am as you describe.
        As for Hillary, you are right that young women don’t like her but boomer women do and they’ll be the ones to put her in office.

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