Pimp My Yard

I’m thinking of taking my backyard to a new level – a design I call Half Swedish Half Redneck. Installing a Hot Tub and Sauna Combo.

Hot tubs go superbly with log cabins and ski resorts.

Yes please, just as pretty as the one I got to use in North Carolina. 

Yodel-ay-e-ooo. Wow.

But a hot tub in Bedford? 

Sauna’s go perfectly with sleek modern homes or tropical resorts.

I’d never leave this sauna

Or this one either…

But how’s a gal with a 1930s era cottage going to make it look nice here too?

I love this idea, a little addition off the back door, blending in with my existing cedar shake exterior. 

This is okay, but perhaps a bit too suburban New Jersey?  

I could do a version of this too, blending into my house. But then where does the hot tub go? 

This one has more of an outhouse look than a sauna. Agree?

I love this sauna but it’s more West Virginia than Bedford, but gorgeous. 

I could hide the hot tub in a corner, surround it with bamboo and privacy fencing but this says California to me. Still not quite right.

This look borders on redneck but at least they have both a hot tub and sauna. 

This might be the perfect solution – build it under a berm. I have one right behind the barn – it has a lot of rock under it, as does most of Bedford so it wouldn’t be cheap to build this, but I love that it’s not a free standing eyesore. The town would probably forbid me from building this, but hey, what they don’t know won’t hurt them, right? I could put the hot tub on the platform out front of the door into the sauna and be good to go. Opinion?

If I had my druthers, this is what I really want, with someone to fold the towels too. Oh well, a gal can dream.


It’s a rainy Sunday here so I plan to stick around home, pay some bills, watch football, and wait for your most excellent advice and commentary. Are the Giants even playing today?

Photos sent by ANONAMOMMY:
Wood fired cedar hot tub 

Pinterest photo of hot tub built in

23 thoughts on “Pimp My Yard

  1. The hot tub in the pickup is a riot. Doesn’t one of your boys have a redneck truck already so a conversion to hot tub would be easy? 🙂

    A sauna would be my dream over a hot tub. Hot tubs are a pain to keep clean. It’s as much work as having a pool – chemicals, cleaning, backwashing, slime, mold. Skip it and stick with the sauna under the earth.

    The Giants are playing today – 4:30 v. Dallas Cowboys. We’re going at noon to meet up with old friends to tailgate. The weatherman thinks the rain is done for the day.

  2. My in-laws have a cedar wood fired hot tub at their cabin in Franconia, NH. I emailed you photos because I don’t know how to link a photo in the comment.

    Ours was made by the company CedarWorks.

  3. if you have room inside your house for a sauna, by all means put one in. Our Boston and NH homes each had one. We foolishly didn’t install nor provide the space where we live now. You want one indoors because traipsing out into the cold after a sauna isn’t any fun.
    Dreary day. Should improve somewhat this afternoon.

    1. You think I should have one inside? Hmmmm. I’m not sure I’d want all the steam escaping into the house. That’s why we didn’t put as team shower in the master bath. We’ve heard stories of moisture ruining walls and paint.

      1. Saunas are dry. You can create steam by pouring water on the coals. We had the conventional kind of sauna where the temps would approach 170 degrees. The infrared saunas, I’m not familiar with.
        Since the sauna was totally enclosed and tight, peeling paint and moisture weren’t issues at all. Imagine sitting in a very hot but dry cedar closet with a window and there you are. Since you shower off all the sweat, you want to have a shower nearby.

    1. I see you are channeling your inner chris. Funny, but how the hell do you get IN that hot tub? Or out?

      The tub reminds me of the old movies where African cannibals decide to cook the white explorer.

  4. Hot tub, soaking tub, jacuzzi …sitting in water with my own (and others) sloughing skin overwhelms the potential good aspects of the experience.
    Sauna not so bad, the sweat should keep those skin cells from becoming airborne.

    I’d have a huge shower/steam placed to enjoy any of those wilderness views through floor to ceiling one-way glass, don’t forget the undulating lounge seat. I’m thinking 9×9 with operating skylight to let off steam.

    Thanks for igniting my dreamworld.

    1. Flash – there IS that aspect of floating skin in a hot tub that is revolting. And, if I may be so indelicate to add, hot tubs lead to some Wild and Crazy behavior that leave behind more than skin, if you get my drift! Not speaking from experience, just saying.

      As far as your dream shower – take me away Calgon. That’s an awesome dreamworld.

  5. tough to find an exact picture, but, the one below will have to work as a conceptual illustration (season to match your house). the idea is that you have the hot tub out in the open portion (the roof could be as shown or just normal shingles. then the sauna and equipment room goes in the closed portion (ignore that wing on the side-it should go away).

  6. That giant cauldron is hysterical!

    We had a sauna in our house in Stockholm. I think we used it once, maybe twice in 8 years. It was located in the master bathroom (in the basement, unfortunately very common in Sweden). It mainly served as a linen closet….

      1. Hmmmm, I defend nicely had need for the linen closet space. It was likely a combination of that and its location. Our laundry was also located in that bathroom, so it was really hard for me to relax there, because there was always some work to be done looming over me. There was a big double jetted tub that I did use (with the help of loads of LUSH bath products), but there I could turn my back to the laundry at least, and my hubs encouraged me to do it. I love the look of the bermed (ha! Autocorrect turned that to Hermes!) one, and think a mores palikir settle no would encourage use.

  7. Heh. CF has a white pickup truck, but I don’t think it’s the same brand as the portable hot tub above.

    1. Just because it’s not the same brand truck doesn’t mean CF isn’t red neck cool enough to create such a fine hot tub. Imagine the looks along Greenwich Ave

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