Pop Math Quiz

What do you get when my 97 year old mom hosts a dinner party to celebrate a friends 101st birthday and her two other guests are aged 95 and 89???

Your time starts now. 

9 thoughts on “Pop Math Quiz

  1. You get four people with good genes?

    Hope someone takes a photo for you to post. What’s the breakdown of men/women in the party?

    1. 101= male
      97= my mom
      95= male
      89= female

      Each of the four has outlived their spouse. The 101 year old is such a brilliant happy active man, conversant, loves life. I’d say that’s the common bond to all four- they love life and are out and about all day long.

    1. I wonder what the statistics are for being invited to a 101th birthday. I’ll have to look them up. I am sure a male at 101 is far more rare than a women at 101. At my mom’s senior community, the women who have outlived their husbands quadruple the vice-versa.

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