Must See TV? 

The Benghazi Hearings start this morning. Cable channels are gearing up to air the whole damn circus. And all I can say is mark my words – the Republicans will do what they do best – overreach. Hillary will do what she does best. Obfuscate. 

I can’t see one thing the Benghazi hearings will get out of Hillary today. There’s nothing left to learn. 

All that said, I’m making popcorn and will more than likely watch some of the hearing just in case the R’s find something to ask that IS relevant and Hillary has another what difference does it make moment. 

Now that Biden is out, the nomination hers, Hillary can pretty much take the wind that’s behind her back and sail through today easily. Drat. 

12 thoughts on “Must See TV? 

  1. Agree with your assessment. Benghazi hearings are dead in the water because McCarthy said what everyone else already knew.

    Watch for us. I cant imagine seeing one minute of the debacle.

  2. Hillary has all her front people out on the morning shows, making sure everyone gets the memo this hearing is purely political.

    1. It’s freaking painful to watch. So far, Gowdy pontificated. Cummings called out the R’s and Hillary is speaking is a slow deliberate tongue so as not to get riled.

  3. It’s impossible to watch the hearings. The R’s want to trip her up. The D’s are kissing her feet. Nothing will be gleaned from today’s hearing. The D pundits are already saying this is textbook perfect home run for Hillary. Paul Begala just announced that the next time we see HRC sworn in it will be at her inauguration. I fear he’s right.

  4. My high school seniors (twins) have the hearings required viewing today. They are expected to take notes to discuss in class tomorrow. Their history teacher is superb and engages the kids in conversation without inserting her agenda (never heard her espouse an agenda). Excellent.

  5. The hearings were pathetic and your Repugnicans showed their hatred of Hillary all day long. You can thank Trey Goofy for making Hillary unbeatable.

    1. You won’t get an argument from me. The hearings were an embarrassment for the R’s solidifying Hillary’s election. I’ve said it here before that once McCarthy blabbed the truth, the hearings should have been dismantled. Let the FBI undo Clinton.

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