♫♫ It’s a Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood…♫♫

Bright blue skies against the reds and oranges of the tree leaves. Fading plane contrail to round out the energy outside this morning.





Swanton sent some fall photos from her neck of the woods too –

Mum's the word!
Mum’s the word!
Perfect October summer day
Perfect October summer day
Jigsaw Puzzle Box Cover
Jigsaw Puzzle Box Cover

Then CosHarbour ruined all our fall fun all by reminding us merchants are already planning for Christmas the Holidays!

Brookfield Place, NYC Downtown
Brookfield Place, NYC Downtown

6 thoughts on “♫♫ It’s a Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood…♫♫

  1. We ate our way through Bookfield Place last week. From BBQ to sushi to donuts to TUMS. It’s a beautiful space for merchants but it’s way downtown.

    Great pictures and it is a gorgeous day, with the exception of all the leaf blowers I can hear going on my street.

  2. Took a long walk along Mianus River Road today – me and a thousand other moms. Everyone had the same idea on a perfect weather day.

    1. I almost killed two women walking widely abreast on St. Mary’s Road with their two dogs on the outside. You know how narrow that road is to begin with. And I was going slowly. Crazy stupid women.

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