So Where Are All The Squirrels?

My instant comedic answer to that question would be in the Democratic party, but I’m talking four-legged bushy tailed squirrels who collect nuts. Okay, that still could be members of the Democratic party but I’m really referring to Sciuridae, the classic gray squirrel that is usually out in huge numbers in my yard about now. I can’t think of a day recently when I’ve seen ONE and just look at all the acorns in the driveway that require a Fred Astaire foot maneuvers to dance around them getting the newspaper.



Is it too early for squirrels to be gathering acorns? Are the squirrels being eaten by hawks? I Googled the question and found several articles asking the same question but no one had an answer. Then I ran across an article with a huge pet peeve -being forbidden from reading the content unless you answer a question. Um, no. Click.


The leaves are such beautiful bright colors and a few roses are hanging in there, and even though this morning was a tad brisk outside, the sky is bright bright blue and cloud free. I’m good. I hope you are too. Happy Monday.





5 thoughts on “So Where Are All The Squirrels?

  1. I’ve seen red and gray squirrels in our yard. But, I’ve also seen an enormous amount of acorns, walnuts and hickory nuts on the ground wherever in town I walk.
    We brought many outside plants inside yesterday in anticipation of the frost. House reminds me of a fern bar from the ’80’s.

    1. Fern bar of the 80s! That’s an image!! Just add macrame, or is that too 1960s?

      We had frost here this morning, although not serious enough to kill everything.

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