EOS: The Next Generation?

DJI Phantom Drone

Just think of all the really great photos I can post with this DJI Phantom drone taking the shots FOR me!! However, I’m reading that the Feds want all drones to be registered and owners names and addresses put in a database. I’m not sure if that means ALL drones, or only drones bought for professional use, like when realtors own them. I can tell you from first hand experience that realtors in RI have been using drones for a while – sitting sunbathing while a drone takes photos of a home for sale next door is not my favorite but Mr. EOS would love one to share with you all the perfect shingling job of the cupola on the Carriage House. It’s almost impossible to photo otherwise.

I’m not sure if I’d really use a drone often  – for sure I could see using it on a winter’s beach walk or while fishing to see if the stripers are jumping. Probably not at the White House though!

But they are totally totally cool. Only TEN more Friday’s until Christmas.

11 thoughts on “EOS: The Next Generation?

    1. This is really ridiculous. They are worried about drones being involved in terrorist acts. No terrorist will register their drone.

        1. EXACTAMUNDO EOSr. Criminals won’t follow any gun laws OR drone laws. Laws are for the law abiding. There are two types of Democrat politicians: Ones who are seriously naive/stupid who think more gun/drone laws will decrease violence and the ones who know they won’t but want maximum control over the population. First group is likely 1% and 2nd is 99%.

  1. Assuming drones can still be purchased without any ID or personal info or registration requirements, act fast!

    1) Go to a public library not in your home town (Greenwich has a nice one) to use one of their computers to research the things and to find the locations of Drones-R-Us and other brick-and-mortar retailers.

    2) Go here and there and buy one here, one there, etc., sort of like the Barksdale crew did with burner phones on the series “The Wire.” To make yourself totally forgettable, act extra dumb; you’re buying these for your husband or son, and don’t have a clue. Cash only, of course, and dress down so it looks plausible that your credit card is maxed out. Needless to say, park the Audi out of sight.

    3) Have a lot of fun with them, and never mention them in public again.

    I am so fed up with marketers — not even guvmint busybodies, but marketers — honing in on my buying habits, tastes and whereabouts that I’ve started this sort of squirrelly behavior for many banal purchases.

    Astute cynic or paranoid nut job? You decide!

    This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.

    1. That all sounds good EXCEPT the part of “buying it with cash”. I imagine that would raise all sorts of red flags. Cash is king unless it’s for buying things like guns and drones. Agree?
      Otherwise, I like your plan. But, how about YOU do all that, don’t take your husbands classic red car, buy the drone for me and I’ll meet you at the parking lot of Ralph’s or exit 9, NJ Turnpike!!! 🙂

  2. OK. Might have to check about getting it on the plane ‘tho :-). But when a drone isn’t weaponized, isn’t it just an expensive toy?

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