EOS Redux, A Look Back

I got an email from WordPress last month congratulating me on my Five Year Anniversary. Well, five minus all the times I stopped and started is probably more like three years, but in that time I’ve manage to publish 2241 blog posts! Not bad.

I thought I’d put up some of the old photos, one month at a time, these from both September and October 2010.

My very first photo and post, called, drum roll please, What a Fungi.

Dawg got her first cameo that same day in a post called Cat nap.

And fall foliage, Bedford-style followed on September 30.

There was also this video from Rhode island, a neighbor’s windchime, taken in late September 2010 as well.

October 2010 brought these gems:

Rhode Island gates
2010-10-01 002 002

Rhode Island gardens
2010-10-02 001 002

Rhode Island farmer’s market
2010-10-03 002 005

The first of many broken Chemex coffee makers

Trying to make my own cider donuts!! Note: NOT made by the grandchildren!
Not exactly uniform or pretty

Storm King
2010-10-23 001 008 2010-10-23 001 020

2010-10-23 001 071

Bedford antiques
2010-10-26 003 011

The pen is mightier than the sword
Pelikan, c. 1981

My SubZero crapped out on me. 
2010-10-26 004 001

Bedford’s Old Mill waterfall, a favorite of mine

Hope this was a fun look back.

10 thoughts on “EOS Redux, A Look Back

  1. Congrats! Hallmark sez 5 years calls for a present of wood (traditional) or silverware (modern).
    Recommend planting a tree!
    My favorite will always be the beach fannies shot that you took in Brazil!!!!
    If you would be so kind, it’s worthy of showing again. Ha.
    Many thanks for all of your efforts, I’ve truly enjoyed everything.

  2. Oh, and my other favorite post was Mr. EOS’ roof cupola moments.
    Mock-up, constructing, installing etc, etc.
    Would be fun to see how he has “buttoned up” for winter interior construction.

    1. That’s why a drone would be perfect. It’s impossible to get a regular shot of the cupola with all the windows in and shingled. Maybe I can strap a GoPro camera on a swan that flies by.

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