Tea for Two?

I closed my eyes and threw a dart at a Cuisinart coffee maker that was modestly priced and fairly well reviewed. It arrived yesterday and I followed instructions for running water through it before first use. Done.

So dutifully this morning I made a full carafe of joe, heard the machine beep beep beep that the cycle was finished. I pulled the carafe off the base for the first cup and damn if coffee still wasn’t pouring out of the brewing area, all over the heating surface onto the counter. I couldn’t put the carafe back because there was so much coffee on the base that it had to be mopped up. It was a mad dash to grab paper towels, mop, and get the carafe back all in award-winning time.

I’m not sure why this happened as the coffee machine has a Brew Pause feature (Brew Pause: Stops flow of water from basket when carafe is removed from heater plate, so a cup can be poured during brewing cycle.)

BUT, in reading the Amazon reviews, lookie lookie lookie – uh oh. Someone else had the same problem.

I had to return this item because the “brew pause” feature was not in working order. I found this out the hard way by removing the carafe to pour a cup of coffee while the coffee was still being brewed. HAH! Surprise!!!!!! Coffee all over the counter. Upon inspection, I noted the two parts of the coffeemaker that were supposed to be lined up to allow a “pause” were completely misaligned. Again, I noticed the item was made in China. I’m guessing there is no longer ANY QUALITY ANYWHERE!!!!

My problem is slightly different in that I didn’t pull the carafe off the base mid-brew. The machine BEEPED, indicating, like the manual says, that the brewing cycle was complete. Premature beepage? I’ll give it another whirl tomorrow, with paper towels in hand this time, and if it leaks again or keeps brewing after the beep, I guess it’ll go back where it came from. I’ve kept all the boxes. Ugh.

29 thoughts on “Tea for Two?

  1. You do have rotten luck with coffee makers. I’ve experienced hot coffee all over the countertop and floor but only when I did something stupid. In your case, you did everything by the book and still ended up with a coffee machine failure.

    1. Deja vu with coffee makers and toasters. Seems I haven’t met one of either that can withstand the test of time.

      My grandmother was famous for her coffee that she made on the stove in a two-tiered glass perk coffee maker that had her initials etched in the glass and was a wedding gift to her in 1912. I can remember the smell of her coffee brewing to this day. It was heavenly. When she died at age 101, the family gathered at her house to celebrate her life with a pot of coffee and some of her prized gnocchi she had in the freezer. I did the dishes and DROPPED the coffee pot in the sink such that it broke into pieces. I’ve never felt worse about ANYTHING – the coffee pot was synonymous with her and I broke it on the day of her funeral. God punished me that day saying Ye Shall Never Have A Coffee Maker That works Ever again My Child

        1. Yes and no. More no. Hers were much thicker heavier glass. I know this sounds dumb but I think the two pieces were more square than round. It perked and bubbled as it brewed on the stove. Ive searched online everywhere and have never seen one like it. That’s what makes what I did even worse.

      1. That’s a sad story! Do you have any pictures of it? Maybe they still make something similar? Chris’ bodum one looks cool or perhaps that Chemex one they talk about on that other blog would fit the bill. What a terrible name though – chemex.

        1. I can’t find any photos of the coffee pot. I’ve asked my cousin to look for one but so many of that era photos are in boxes in hands of others.
          I gave a chemex and have used one for almost 50 years for when I just want one cup or two. I need a large carafe machine for the two of us or when the kids are here.

      2. God does not punish, we do that just fine by ourselvs😉 I would take that slip as a sign that coffee making is an art, and your Gran was finished with her coffee art in this world, and that pot was no longer useful. 🙏. (I used to own an espresso bar…)

        1. Oh sweet Martha. You just made me feel so good. I’ve been carrying that mistake with me for so many years, unable to shake it. Your words and thoughts are so comforting. Thank you.

  2. Ugh! I posted twice before but the powers that be ate my words and I ran out of time….

    This is a good one, that brews to the proper temperature, with excellent customer service. There may be a design flaw with the cutler basket. It has cracked twice on me, likely due to high (proper!) brew temp, but has quickly been replaced via email warranty.


    Clivecoffee.com also has excellent customer service, but Amazon is just so easy!

    Pour-over is the next big thing. I also have this one for when I need an extra cup and the French press is to much trouble:


    Good luck in the am!

    1. I came close to buying the Bonavita but some of the reviews left me wondering. Never fear, with my lousy luck with coffee makers, it’s only a matter of time until I get around to buying the Bonavita. 🙂 I should have bought them alphabetically I guess, getting the Bonavita before the Cuisinart.

        1. Oh sorry – that link looked awfully long. This is great looking and my niece swears that you can’t beat the taste of the coffee made with a french press. It is @ Crate and Barrel’s web site:
          Bodum ® Chambord 34 Ounce French Press

  3. Capresso comes before Cuisinart if you’re going by the alphabet. I had one of those. Had Krups, Cuisinart, Bodum, French Press, Melitta and some whose names I’ve forgotten. Every one ended up a disappointment. My current Mr Coffee is performing well but the Cuisinart burr grinder has developed a mind of its own. Instead of grinding for 6, 8 or 10 cups it grinds enough for 12.

    1. Ha! I just threw out a Capresso. It stopped working long ago but never made it to the trash. I’m with you Swanton- had them all. I have two sizes of French Press that I’ll use from time to time but weekday mornings call for a coffee maker that requires no thinking. No boiling water. No pouring. No waiting.

  4. Latest in coffee makers is the shark ninja. Appears to do everything but drink it for you.
    I’m interested in knowing how your new Cuisinart worked this morning.

    1. The Shark Ninja? In the same family as the Ninja juicers? I’ll have to look it up.
      Coffee maker did NOT continue to drip after the final beep. That says I did something wrong yesterday, that I didn’t have the carafe in its full and upright position for takeoff! The coffee was too weak though, so while it worked, it wasn’t a full robust flavor. I need to move back to Europe where coffee puts hair in your chest.

      1. There is an article in the business section of today’s Globe. Since I don’t subscribe, I couldn’t read it having already exhausted my five free articles. I just saw the headline. If you google you can find other recent press reports.
        Also on line today is a story in the Times about Grace Farms.

      2. There is a serious problem with drip coffee makers! ALL the filter baskets are too small to hold the required volume of ground coffee in order to make a proper strength cup. I had many overflows, similar to yours, but caused by overfilling the basket with coffee. So, I’ve taken to only making 3/4 of a pot at a time, (filling water only to the 6 or 7 cup line) but using the full amount of coffee. Unfortunately, this only renders 3 1/2 cups, so in our house, if you snooze, you lose!☕️

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