And She’s My Sister!!!!


We love lively political debates in our family even though most of us are Republicans of varying degrees. We are not immune to blasting the R establishment or the R candidates so we aren’t blind and deaf Republicans.

We all watched the debate (it’s required!) and as is our norm we plan to talk about it the next day. My sister and I played telephone tag since the debate so she put her thoughts in an email.



Oh my. Oh my. Oh my.

What’s funny is just last week I asked my sister if she was in Hillary’s camp as she’s the least Republican of us. At that time she said No, Hillary is not my candidate. Too much baggage.

I said to my mother shortly thereafter, I bet after P sees the debate, she’ll be firmly in Hillary’s camp.

So I was right but how did she change on a dime? She thinks that because Hillary spoke well she won’t be Øbama’s third term and continue to take our country farther down the rabbit hole???

I respect my sister’s right to her own opinion. She’s wrong, dead wrong, but hey, it’s America. At least for now.

15 thoughts on “And She’s My Sister!!!!

  1. In 2012 I volunteered for the Romney campaign and my immediate relatives basically banished me. They are all diehard Democrats, huge Obama supports and had no understanding how I could work for the rich 1%.

    Politics and family rarely mix.

    1. I come from the school of thought that if you are invested in the process, are informed about the candidates and their stances, it’s less important who you vote for. But not really. 🙂

    2. As opposed to the super-rich .0001% types like Soros to whom Obama hitched his wagon and with whom he plays golf on private golf club greens? I’d say your family are mostly willing fools.

  2. Hillary is vomit inducing. She is 100% driven by the polls and her positions are purely political. At her core she is hollow.

    My favorite debate line of her was about the Jellystone Pipeline. I didn’t have an opinion until I had an opinion?? Um, she didn’t have an opinion until she saw the AFLCIO head mook was not interested in backing her.

    She would be a disaster.

  3. I hate to break this to you, but your sister has zero varying degree of Republicanism. She’s a full fledged Democrat.

    I’m tired of Hillary telling me that as a woman she represents me. Or all women. She stands for nothing I do so stop with the I am Woman crap.

    Have you a R candidate yet? And what would you do about the now useless Benghazi hearings?

    1. My sister voted for Obama the first time in 2008. She fell for his charm and ability to speak well hook line and sinker. She smarted up and didn’t vote for Obama in 2012 but didn’t like Romney at all. So she’s falling for Obama Redux in Hillary.
      I do not see a candidate yet. I’m reading now Christie is being encouraged to quit. So many others should too, before the next debate so that it isn’t such a circus.
      I think I said here earlier that I feel the Benghazi hearings should end. Let Hillary think she’s scored over the R’s, who were dumb as posts to drag these hearings on so long and even dumber to think regular folk didn’t know it was out to trip up Hillary. Let the FBI do its thing. Eventually I believe she will be charged. Let her hang on her own petard.

  4. If Hillary becomes president she’s going to inherit the Afghanistan mess. Chuck Todd said Obama is purposely leaning the troops in I until the next president as he never got over Bush doing the same to him.

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