A Little Overnight Reading

It’s 3:19am and I’m up with a hugely stinky Dawg and house. I didn’t even know Dawg went out because she can on her own with her doggie door and she came back in too, but the stench of skunk is like nothing else and woke me out of a very sound sleep. 

Dawg has her head hanging low knowing she did something wrong. She’s been bathed once already but it’s all the peripheral things that have to get washed too. Not to mention airing out the house. I’m struggling not to gag, it’s that bad. 

Did I mention it’s 3:19am??????? What we do for our beloved pets. Yawn. 

16 thoughts on “A Little Overnight Reading

  1. A bath in tomato juice sometimes works.
    And any unused juice can be used for some Bloodies!
    Or maybe just dial 911 for the mobile bath van.

    1. At 3:19 I was lucky enough to find the tub let alone search for tomato juice. I shampooed her three times with my Pantene and she seems fine now. I have all the windows and doors wide open. It’s at least sunny and calm outside, albeit a tad chilly. I hope by the end of the day the inside of the house returns to normal. I’m immune to the odor now but I have house guests coming for dinner and the night. Let’s hope they don’t mind the leftover odor!

  2. Kudos to you for having a doggy door at all! I am too fussy/neatnicky. I think about all the mud the dog would track in and all over the house on a rainy day. A skunk – ugh. poor you, good luck today.

    1. Muddy feet have never been an issue. I guess I have a neat dog. Even if she brought in mud, the amount she uses the door, especially when we are gone for the day, makes up any desire to keep the floors clean.

  3. I had a student tangle with a skunk one morning before school. It was caught in a trap he had set. We finally had to send him home for the day because of the smell. He was fine the next day.

    1. I feel like I tangled with the skunk as much as Dawg did. I did two loads of laundry at 4 this morning- all her bedding and the towels I used to dry her plus the clothes I had on when she came in. I have a pot of cloves and cinnamon sticks brewing on the stove. That’s helping some.

  4. Put out some bowls of vinegar if you haven’t already and keep the doors and windows open with fans on. What’s on the dinner menu? I wonder if lots of garlic would mask any lingering skunk odor.

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