Picture Perfect EOS-Weekend

[Scroll to end to see a late entry by Swanton, not late because Swanton sent it to me late, but late because I plum FORGOT to put it in this post!]

The rains have stopped and it looks like the long weekend is going to be a good one to get out and about. I’m back in NY, just in time to learn that a 62-mile charity bike race benefiting Autism Research is consuming every road around me, with police support, volunteers and residents cheering on participants. Just your average day, biking 62 miles. Good for them and good for the organizers to start is early enough that it shouldn’t be an issue for families trying to get to apple picking or soccer practice.

+ 62-mile route begins at 7:30 am.
+ 35-mile route begins at 8:30 am.

I was still having coffee when the 35-mile group started.

EarthImage sent in two photos of The Whitebread 22 race around Shelter Island that was SUPPOSED to take place last week but Joaquin decided otherwise. No refunds, but what a party!!

And here, EarthImage is Joachin a fine line down Quogue beach 🙂

SoundBeacher adds some fall picture perfect photos

The calm high tide, the clouds making such unusual patterns and then the light of the setting sun.

Just picture perfect

I just kept watching as the changing clouds gathered more color

And as a follow-up to CosHarbour’s photos of the yacht Knickerbocker, by coincidence SoundBeacher saw the same boat last Summer when you were not posting on your blog. We were over in Oyster Bay Harbor, at the dock. We were told it was owned by Jim Dolan the owner the NY Knicks Here are details about the yacht.



From Swanton, photo taken on the Friday of the most serious winds and rain pre-non-Joaquin from a coastal Massachusetts perch. She says:
Our normal tides average about 9’ but with the full moon high tide and the surge I think it was about 11’ that day. The little cottage on the island known as Doctor’s Island was built 100 odd years ago. A flag flies when the owner is in residence. 
Hope everyone has a great long weekend. I’ll be blogging but if you have a life beyond reading this blog and are out and about, bring your camera and send me the photos!

12 thoughts on “Picture Perfect EOS-Weekend

  1. It’s chicken challenge weekend. A whole Copicut chicken was $5.29/lb and an organic Bell & Evans one was $4.59. I have split breasts from each at $7.19 and $4.79. B&E one isn’t organic because the market didn’t have any. Actually, I didn’t think the Copicut prices were completely out of whack but I was at a farmers’ market where prices are generally obscene. Chicken comparison to come later this weekend.
    It’s a beautiful day here. Sunshiny and crispy.

      1. Yes, I stared at that price to be sure. Could be supply and demand as the market wasn’t all that busy today. All prices were written on a blackboard. Nice people at the stand, too.
        I took a copy of their recipe for lemon and herb roasted chicken and wondered if it’s similar to the one you used.

  2. Knickerbocker was once owned by the Dolans. Sold her and their other two 10 or so years ago. She’s available for charter – no price listed of course. If you have to ask….

  3. Chicken challenge update. Both the Copicut and the Bell & Evans birds were excellent. The B&E version was 50% more expensive. Same weight of 1.7 lbs. Copicut had a slightly more tender texture. I used bone in skin on breasts with butter under the skin and seasoned with salt, pepper and Italian seasoning. Roasted at 425 to a temperature of 160 they were done in about 35 minutes. Cannot honestly say one was better than the other. However, a boneless, skinless chicken breast pales in comparison no matter how it’s prepared.

  4. Your recent RI posts have all been exquisite!
    And this EOS weekend is one of the best ever. Many thanks to EI, SB and Swannie!
    Especially liked the water level shots of Knickerbocker.
    So sad that the current captain of this Sparkman/Stephens renamed it from Timoneer.
    Such bad luck, Worst thing one might do. Owning a beautiful boat is a privledge.

    My favorite S/S yacht is Windago.


    One my best adventures, was two weeks on Windago, back in the day, sailing the Pacific: Punteranus, Costa Rico to the Panama Canal. Captain, First mate, Gallery Person and Me$$
    Truly an ocean boat…we went thru one midnight hellacious storm that ripped the mainsail in half, then whipped around in a wet wind and knocked the first mate in to a dark Pacific.
    I grabbed his ankle with both hands and saved him, just as he went off deck and his head was already in the Pacific. Ha.

    This was back in the time of charts. Way before iNavX.com/ GPS

    Let’s see some special shingle techniques pics. There must be a best way to do secure shingles without splitting them.

    1. I was alternating holding my breath and throwing up reading your Saving The First Mate saga. When did it occur to you that you saved someone’s life? I imagine the actual saving part was pure adrenaline? Sounds like you don’t need a cape for Halloween – Superman CosHarbour to the rescue. WOW!!

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