Come Sail Away

In Newport today for a series of chores, we moseyed over to Goat Island, parked the car then walked across the bridge to spy upon the beauteous sailing vessels in berths at the shipyard. A couple of stinkpots, but mostly stately sloops and yawls, a couple of HUGE catamarans, and one gigantic boat I’ll just call an oh my. It was so long I was never able to get the entire boat in the photo.

The real bummer is that the sun was in the wrong place and my photos are pretty much all lousy because of the brightness. The boatyard was very busy, lots of hands on deck, swabbing, polishing, and washing windows. I’m not sure if this weekend is a big sailing weekend, maybe the last before these boats are sailed to the Caribbean for charter? But I was impressed with how many boats were being cleaned, or worked on in any way.












I’ll be singing Christopher Cross’s song while I take this one home with me. I’m not sure she’ll fit on the back of our ride to town but I’ll give it a try. By the way, I didn’t see any sheared wool on these sails!





Our new mode of transportation (NOT!)

PS: the $12.00 chicken I cooked last night was delicious. Roasted carrots and an herbed rice rounded out the meal that even picky eaters said was great.

12 thoughts on “Come Sail Away

      1. A not so inside joke – referring to the verging on “adult rated” conversation thread a month or so ago about where young sailors in Newport went for their “maiden voyage”.

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