Unimaginative Me, I’d Have Made a Sweater With the Wool!!

Back to yesterday’s outdoor art installation in Westport, in an open field next to the gallery, I spied these:


Actually, I spied them on the way to the market, not sure what they were, so on my way home, went into the gallery to get an up close and personal look.







I read from the artist’s card on the sails that she works with local farmers but I am perplexed why this wool, which I perceive as pretty valuable for so many things, is seen as “waste” for the artist to make sails. That’s a lot of wool, isn’t it???

Am I wrong?

6 thoughts on “Unimaginative Me, I’d Have Made a Sweater With the Wool!!

  1. wool sails… how droll. my first thought was the lint filters at the local laundry had hideously malfunctioned, but, then i remembered The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin and “something that no one else has”:

    1. The Brits have indistinguishable food and lousy teeth but by golly they GET droll humor.

      Chris, I hope you aren’t the type to get bored by praise or see it as a trigger, but you have a remarkable ability to troll for and find the best of the best clips. Kudos.

  2. Were you able to keep a straight face during your gallery visit? I couldn’t read the description of the sails without laughing. Maybe I’m too unsophisticated to ‘get it’.

    On another note- bicyclists in my town are pretty responsible. It’s the walkers and runners who annoy me by heading in the direction of traffic.

    1. Glad I’m not alone. I was more than amused but I kept thinking I was the country bumpkin who was missing the point.

      Agree that as a whole walkers are far worse than bikers.

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