Privacy Be Damned, Today

I am pretty protective of my own privacy and do take into consideration the privacy of others when I post blog photos but really, nothing is more fun than house snooping, especially when the new builds going up around us are beyond spectacular. This is serious money building. Oh, and by the way Obama, guess what? They DID build that!

I’ve blogged about this house a few times already, the people across the road thought they would have a lifelong unobstructed view of the ocean. Apparently not anymore. Probably one of the most beautiful lots in all of town that had been pasture as long as Mr. EOS can remember, and he’s pretty long in the tooth. It’s a double edge sword to see once pristine long pastureland become a home but honestly, the new builds here are owners who understand the town, get that it’s a very simple community so even though they build whopper houses, they are tasteful, at least I think so.



And by unobstructed views for this family, I mean killer, nothing is in you way forever, see the Elizabeth Islands, see the Vineyard – see the cargo ships…oh my.


Around the bend, another HUUUUUUUUGE house is going up on a promontory that was up for sale a few years back for a cool $12m. I don’t know what it eventually sold for but hey, more power to the people who bought it and are now mid-construction of one uber fabulous house. And if you think house one has killer views, this one, high up on a crest, well, they ain’t exactly looking at neighbors to their left and right. Water water everywhere.



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I am in LOVE with the windows they chose as well as all the trim work. It’s the correct shape gambrel, the stone fireplace is perfection and well, yes, I could live there in a pinch.



Best of all, this house is only accessible by a little dirt road that no one can drive by. A++++++

Old houses around here are stellar too, with long tree-lined driveways or simple gates that say hello, we’ve been here a long time.


And of course, there’s the old time summer home that is closed up all winter and also a couple of modern digs.


It was a perfect day for a long walk – the sun is bright and the clouds like art work. Just a quick end thought – many of you know the town we are in in RI but you’ll note I never mention it by name. I like to keep it that way, for no other reason than that’s my preference. I appreciate your understanding. Happy Hump day.

9 thoughts on “Privacy Be Damned, Today

  1. House #two wins my vote for new builds. Stunning. But I think I prefer the tree lined driveway you showed later in the post.

    1. Not sure I understand your question. Our carriage house? If that’s the question, not at all remote, but it’ll be the first property that’s had proper and real heat in the whole place, plus insulation that hasn’t come from an old gray mare. Windows that open AND close. How marvelous.

      1. I meant would you consider living year round in the new house Mr. EOS built or would it be too inconvenient in the middle of winter? I asked only because of your trip to NC to see if you wanted to buy property there. You certainly have location, location, location in RI. My friends in Westport and South County now live full time where they once only summered.

        Having heat in every room is a real plus.

        1. Depends on who you ask. Mr. EOS grew up here, so did his father and grandfather and great grandfather. For him this town is his family roots, where he learned all he knows and honestly, is his first love. HE would without a doubt live here 11 months a year, the 12th in Jamaica or Barbados. I’m the thorn. This town is at the farthest end of land there is, the closest “city” either Newport, no thanks, or Fall River, no thanks, or Providence, heavens no. I need to go and do and see. This town, while drop dead gorgeous, is a bit sleepy. Good luck ordering out any food or even seeing a movie. It’s a subject we don’t agree on so we dance around it. 🙂

  2. I can relate. NH meant driving everywhere even to get the mail. Great scenery but scenery won’t deliver a pizza when you don’t feel like cooking. Mr S loved NH. For me, it wore thin long before the many years we had the place were over. I’d be bonkers if I had to live there full time.
    On the other hand, I adored my Boston life. Had great neighbors. Walked everywhere. Theatre, films, art galleries, shopping, restaurants a stone’s throw away. It took ten years and looking at houses in five states before we finally left. And where did we go but back to Mr S’s home town where we spent summers years ago and never really left.
    So, we tore down the little house we still had and built a larger but still smallish house within walking distance of town and ocean. We can take a train or a boat to Boston if we don’t want to drive. The population of the town varies only slightly from winter to summer and we know those who summer here. The year round types haven’t figure us out yet.
    You know what your RI town is like in winter and if it isn’t your cup of tea, it isn’t your cup of tea. It doesn’t sound like you have to make a move by Friday so enjoy what you have now and worry about a new place to hang your hats later.
    To my astonishment, I don’t miss city living at all.

  3. gorgeous views – but are they facing east? I prefer western views, but I think I could manage to live in any of these 🙂

    1. Not east facing. More south but both houses, and how our house is situated, affords a full 180 degree view to get east to west. Not too shabby.

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