You’d Have to be a Cuckoo Cluck to Buy This!

Today at Lees, the great locally owned and run supermarket across the border in Westport, Mass, I was on the hunt for a whole chicken for company coming tomorrow night who are fussy eaters. We do eat chicken, I was told. Don’t you just HATE picky eaters? No broccoli, they said, No cauliflower. And these are adults. Sheesh.

In front of me in the chicken case sat this vacuum-sealed bag o’chicken, not particularly pleasant looked, vacuumed so much that the chicken looked like an A-cup breast.

I looked closely at the bag and saw that it had all the new words for today’s organic consumer.

Buy Local! Free Range! No Hormones! No Antibiotics! Pasture Fed! Eat Real Food!

The bird weighed 5.3 pounds. Wanna guess the price? Close your eyes and guess before looking at the second photo.

Don’t look til you’ve guessed.

How close were you? I was shocked when I turned the bird over and saw the price tag. Shocked, and I’m not one who shops by price. Now you tell me, would YOU pay that egregious amount to buy local? I didn’t. I brought home a better looking bird, four pounder, for just over $12.00 and even THAT is expensive, but hey, I got what I needed.

12 thoughts on “You’d Have to be a Cuckoo Cluck to Buy This!

  1. I guessed $22.50 so I was way off. No way would I spend that much for a bird. What creeped me out more is the sell-by date. Does that really say January 31, 2016???

    1. I meant to mention that in the post, the sell-by date. Thanks for bringing it up. I guess this company has invested in one of those QVC vacuum sealers you see advertised at 2 in the morning. I hear they do a great job for many things but I really can’t see the marketing merit in selling a “fresh” chicken for four months. Who knows when they killed this bird, or how long it’s been sitting at Lees.

  2. Who in Westport MA buys those fancy chickens? Perhaps due to low turnover the sell by date has to be months away. I’m shocked at the price, though. I have a couple of recipes which try to make chicken a luxury dish. The Hamersley’s restaurant (Boston) one is super but at the end of the day it’s still just chicken.
    The Portlandia episode is classic.
    $6.19/lb??? Does that include the heart and liver?

    1. Actually Westport and surrounding towns are pretty high end summer zip codes. Lees really caters to its shoppers who I would say don’t shop by price, but quality.

      My go-to chicken recipe for a whole chicken is stuffed with lemons and some herbs. EZ, especially for tomorrow night’s picky eater guests.

      1. Your perfectly roasted chicken will make a delicious dinner. I have good friends in Westport who could easily fork over $35.00 for a whole chicken- but I don’t think they would.
        Now you have me curious about the Copicut chickens. They sell at local farmers markets. I may take one for the team. Will report.

        1. We think it would be interesting to do a blind taste test. The Copicut chicken versus something like a Bell and Evans bird. Are you game to try that, for the sake of blogging??

    1. Nah, they don’t even know I got me a blog. 🙂
      Actually, I don’t tell that many people I run this blog. It makes life simpler to call out Bad Bedford moms and picky eater guests.

  3. I’ll give a blind chicken test a try this weekend. Why not. The only issue would be if the Westport chicken farmers don’t show up at my farmers’ market on Saturday. I’ll buy the Bell and Evans organic, free range, coddled chicken and not their ordinary bird.

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