EOS Weekend

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a traditional EOS Weekend, so today it is!

Photos are from Cos Harbour that go as far back as August (ouch, how bad am I that I’ve let these sit) to photos from SoundBeacher emailed to me this morning.

Starting off with CosHarbour

Super Church Spire

New Salt Shack!

Special working tractor

Sadly, two barns burned down upcountry

Totally an EOS shot

Knickerbocker (formerly Timoneer) is a ketch sail 35.75m  (117’3″ft) built by Palmer Johnson Yachts and launched in 1992. This luxury vessel’s sophisticated exterior design and engineering are the work of Sparkman & Stephens. She was last refitted in 2001. Yes please. 

Yes please redux.

Island hopping Red Hook

From Sound Beacher

There was a little boat out in that big surf
The sea was really building
The bathroom was also being destroyed, but not by the storm but by a backhoe
Checked out the Dahlia show  in Greenwich.  The flowers were amazing so much color such variety.

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  1. Sound Beacher, what is the building being attacked by the backhoe? And why?

    Love CosHarbour’s photos, every one – were you at the Top of the Rock to get the photo of St. Patrick’s spire? Hard to see the barn burned down. Is that you on the boat to Red Hook? And what is the building behind you in that photo?

    Sorry for all the questions.

    1. They are taking down the 1960’s era bathroom at Tod’s Point and new ones are being built in the restored original building seen behind it. There will be all brand new concession stand, outdoor seating (which they have put out all the beautiful new teak chairs and tables now at the end of the season sitting in the bad storm this weekend) and bathrooms in the modernized restored building. Part of Friends of Greenwich Point to quote:

      GPC’s Next Project: “The Old Barn”
      A New ‘Gateway’ for the Point
      Restoring Innis Arden Cottage was a big step forward for Greenwich Point, but when the Conservancy’s second project, the Old Barn, is complete, it will be transformative. The Cottage, the Old Barn and the newly designed and landscaped areas will effectively form a magnificent gateway to historic Greenwich Point. In June 2012, the Representative Town Meeting voted to accept our gift of up to $850,000 to complete the new Gateway project. The project will include restoring the stone and shingle Barn, removing the center section added in later years, and adding a dining terrace with knockout Sound views. The red brick restroom building will be demolished. Once work on the Old Barn is finished, parked cars and asphalt (in the area between the restored buildings) will be replaced with beach grasses, benches and a winding stone path. Proceeds from the Conservancy’s annual Beach Ball will kick off the Gateway project.

      1. Hey, I liked going to NC. I wasn’t bored at all and decided not to look for real estate there. Beautiful scenery but as they say, it’s not a good fit. How brilliant of you to have left that state when you did.
        After all the snow I suffered through last winter I have a lot of sympathy for our friends in the Carolinas today. If an inch of rain roughly equals a foot of snow…Holy Cow, that’s a lot of water.

        1. Not a good day to visit Charleston. They are drowning, literally. But I’m always amused how many idiots want to be on camera so they kayak or walk out in the street rivers, hoping for their 15 minutes of “fame”.

  2. Merci Catherine!
    St. Patrick’s taken from random conference room, not Rock Center rooftop.

    Not me on ferry.

    Building in background:
    “The Beard and Robinson Stores were built by Jeremiah P. Robinson and William Beard in he 1860’s and 70’s and were eventually founded in 1872 during a surge in dockside warehousing after the Civil War. Far from the farms of the Midwest, the Beard and Robinson Stores were part of a complex of grain terminals, warehouses, wharfs and shipyards constructed by Beard to accommodate goods and materials bound for New York Harbor via the Great Lakes and the Erie Canal. That’s why they call it Erie Basin.”- Red Hook Waterfront website

    The barns were on the grounds of Bezebel Gables in Chatham, NY. Now on the market. You can see shots of them on the sales video:

  3. I comment occasionally but will try harder. Yesterday we spent several hours at the RISD art museum in Providence RI. We had never been there but were delightfully impressed enough to plan a return visit. I can tell you it won’t be when there is snow on the ground or while driving a stick shift. Providence hills are remarkable.
    The museum has a broad range of exhibits from Egyptian mummies to Warhol. I didn’t see a thing which made me ask why on earth is THAT here. The descriptions were among the best I’ve seen at any museum. Informative and succinct.

    EOSr’s weekend photo selections are terrific. The dahlia one is my favorite of the moment but I expect the cathedral one to take first place shortly.

    1. Providence gives me the creeps. I don’t even like to wait for someone at the PVD Amtrak station. The huge downtown mall underground parking lot is one giant scary dark hole. Some pretty residential streets in Providence with huge old houses begging for buyers because Providence is tough to call home.

      Look at these huge houses on the East side of Providence going for a song. The only qualifier I put in the search was 5+ bedrooms.

      I wish I had known you were coming to Providence – you could have come down to our house in RI for lunch.

      I never worry about commenters. It’s such a subjective thing to do. I have many readers who never comment – it’s just not their thing. That’s okay by me so don’t ever feel you need to comment more, just for the sake of it. I know you read. That’s all that counts.

      1. I hesitated to say anything negative about Providence but it really is creepy. I had no idea how far the city has fallen. It looks like it hasn’t finished its decline. We didn’t hang around once we finished seeing the museum yesterday.
        Sorry to miss out on lunch. I bet you were serving clam chowder, too.

        1. You won’t hurt my feelings by disparaging Providence. The entire state of Rhode Island has fallen, and not finished falling. It’s the pits, with very few zip code exceptions. It’s most definitely NOT a town to stroll at night. The bummer is that Providence does have some excellent restaurants worthy of the trip into town, but better for a weekend lunch outing than dinner.

  4. I fall into the category of a regular reader commenting less. It’s not that I don’t want to but with fall upon us and a busy mom of four, I sometimes can’t get to your blog.

  5. EOS I enjoyed your NC trip pictures and comments. I don’t do a lot of commenting but check your blog every day. Enjoyed seeing today’s pictures.

    1. Really, this is your first EOS Weekend? I USED to do one every weekend then I got lazy (egotistical), posting my own photos. Earth Image was a major supplier of EOS Weekend photos but hasn’t of late so I’ve been relying heavily on SB and CH, who never disappoint.

      Let’s see, about those questions.
      (a) Found a fixture but am balking at price still, hoping it goes on sale. It had one too many digits (the price, not the fixture!)
      (b) it was an upstairs bathroom and no, we didn’t bother wasting $ for a plumber when it was easier to shuffle guests to another bathroom that worked. We’re still planning on gutting the upstairs when the lottery goes our way and so few people need to use that bathroom.
      (c) I’m using my favorite stand-by, the Chemex. I can’t find a one that has universally good reviews.
      (d) As for the wanderlust, I think I missed my calling not becoming a travel editor. I said to Mr. EOS it’s not too late – that we could be a Senior Reviewers, sharing the over-65 point of view as we go places, so there’s still time for fame, and fortune. I wouldn’t deign to review for AARP, nor would I even be a member, so I might have to write a column for somebody like Conde Nast Traveler or the AMEX version.

      1. thanks for all the answers (and apologies for my poor reading comprehension)!

        i think your idea of being a travel editor, particularly for those further from their birthdate, is a good one and you can do food/restaurant reviews as well – kind of a win, win, win.

  6. I’ll toss in another random question…how are you liking your FitBit? Do you find you are meeting your daily step goal?

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