Pho La La La La, La La La La

I got my pho thrill, not on Blueberry Hill, but in downtown Danbury CT on Padanaram Street. Hole in the wall best describes the restaurant Pho Vietnam but they are usually the best places to eat. I was not disappointed one teensy bit. Not even a teensy weensy bit.


For the uninitiated, pho is basically a broth with rice noodles and usually sliced beef on top, although it can be chicken or pork or fish as the protein.

And before you give me a hard time about my headline, to get it you must first know how to pronounce pho.

NOW you can laugh at the headline.

The menu is simple and ordering even easier – one of everything please.


I started off with the lemongrass spring roll – a good dose of heat (which I love) balanced with the delicious taste of lemongrass.


All gone………


Then the pho came out and I topped it with more than a few swirls of sriracha sauce. That’ll cure what ails ya.


Fortunately the menu clearly starts, Slurping Encouraged. I obliged. Pho isn’t easy to eat – the rice noodles are slippery suckers but I managed to down it all, this photo is before I lifted the bowl to my mouth and really finished it, down to the last drip. .


I got there at 11:35 and there were only two other tables with customers but by the time I left at 12:45, there was a long line and every one of the dozen or so tables packed. The clientele really varied – lots of blue collar guys yet as many professionals in suits and tie. Seems everyone knows and loves this place. I heard one woman come in and ask, before she sat down, if there were clams on the lunch menu. They said yes and she was jubilant. I was sitting with my back against the rest of the restaurant so I couldn’t hear what she ordered or see what they brought to her. Just as well, I was perfectly happy, and FULL, with what I had. The cold and rain outside made for a perfect day for a huge bowl of pho. I was obviously not alone in my reasoning.

I decided to also order some things to go – for the weekend, eliminating the need to leave the house during the rains of Ranchipur, and even better, eliminating the need to cook til Monday. I ordered another lemongrass roll, the ginger dumplings, another pho sizzle, and a red curry dish with beef.

It wasn’t too bad a drive wither – 40 minutes and luckily luckily luckily the convergence of 684 and 84, which can be back up for miles, was all clear this afternoon.

I heartily recommend Pho Vietnam for anyone who is craving traditional Vietnamese food. Ironically, we’ve been to Vietnam, spent a good 3+ weeks touring the country, and none of us remembers eating pho. How can that be?

I feel a much deserved nap coming on.

18 thoughts on “Pho La La La La, La La La La

    1. I should have called you but I know Ripp gets out early on Fridays. Figured you and the kids had plans this afternoon. Next trip for sure.

  1. Hey, you took my tip! Glad PV is still in biz. I’ve only been once and remember it was packed.

    Perfect day for pho. The lemongrass during rolls looked delicious too.

  2. Here in Miami we have a vibrant Vietnamese neighborhood with several excellent pho restaurants. I’d never had pho until it became all the rage a couple of years ago. My brother served in Vietnam near Hué and remembers quite well the locals giving the soldiers their street food, pho. He finds it hard to believe we Americans are willing to pay big bucks for broth. But we do.

    1. I didn’t know Miami had a Vietnamese population.
      Funny story about your brother. Although if he served in Hué, he saw serious combat. I trust he came home without issue.

      1. Yes.
        Alpha Company 1st Battalion 1st Marines. He saw lots of his men die. He came home in one physical piece but it took him years to feel well mentally. The Vietnam War vets were treated horribly by Americans when they came home. It’s a sore subject for him and he rarely brings it up.

        1. Yikes Peter. We visited Hué on our Vietnam tour so we know what kind of bloodshed the Americans saw. On our trip we came upon several vets, returning for the first time to unburden themselves of some deep angst. I’m glad your brother is okay now and am not surprised the battle took its emotional toll.

  3. YUMMMMMMM! I got caught in a downpour in the city today and spent the train ride back to Greenwich shivering. I think the guy in the seat next to me thought I was coming down from some drug high. My hair was matted, my jacket sleeves wet. He moved quickly which was great as I got the whole row to myself. 🙂

  4. Damn tốt tìm Pho! Tại sao chúng ta không có thực phẩm việt tốt ở Stamford, địa ngục Fairfield County là lý do CHỈ CT vẫn còn barely chức năng

      1. Just ran the reverse translation on google translate. Got an awkward result and Pho translates back as “cheese”.

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