They Really Don’t Want My Opinion!

In the mail today, looking very important because the envelope was marked Official Document, Do Not Destroy but hysterically, not remotely official, it’s from the Republican National Committee, a survey asking for my political views.

Brother, are they ever going to get an earful. My political views include some very harsh words for Rep. McCarthy who yesterday handed Hillary Clinton the nomination on a silver platter by telling Hannity the Benghazi investigation was pretty much an attempt to ruin her chances at office. Way to go McCarthy. NOT!

Further, I would wholeheartedly suggest to the R’s they give up the Benghazi investigation completely, drop it today, before Hillary’s testimony in October. Now that the cat is out of the bag, no amount of backtracking from any R, or recanting by McCarthy will undo Hillary’s endless soundbite loop here-forward that there really IS a right wing conspiracy.

I firmly believe there’s plenty of sh** to hit the fan on the email scandal that will undo Hillary all on her own. The R’s should step back, let the FBI and others do their research and work more on finding a Republican candidate who can actually win the White House.

Lord, it so hard to be a Republican.

7 thoughts on “They Really Don’t Want My Opinion!

  1. Agree. The Benghazi Committee Hearings are useless now. I was never of fan of them and don’t know why the R’s don’t see that their questions are simply more fuel for the right-wing conspiracy theory that Bill and Hillary love to espouse. What was McCarthy trying to do?

    I also agree that Hillary’s own email scandal will be her eventual undoing. Hopefully.

  2. Totally agree on your point that Hillary will undo herself all on her own.

    As the saying goes, “Why try to murder somebody when you can watch them commit suicide all by them self.”

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