It’s Moanday!

This morning my fairly new Breville coffee maker binged eight times with an error message of 001. Looking it up, the website says “machine not repairable”. HEY, don’t go doing that to me on Monday morning, OK??


The cupboards are bare so today brings serious grocery shopping, dropping dresses off at the cleaners that got worn one too many times on this trip, and I’ve got to attack another couple of loads of laundry. Getting back in the groove seems hard today, almost as if we were recovering from some long overseas flight.

Looks like rain is on the way too. Did anyone take pix of last night’s moon, Sound Beacher or Earth Image??

Time to start the day.

5 thoughts on “It’s Moanday!

  1. Most of the time I wouldn’t be bothered to chase down a warranty for a small appliance like a coffee maker but every now and then I get ticked off enough to see what the options are. For starters, if you bought it on a credit card see if the card has some sort of protection plan. I think AmEx extends the warranty.
    Call the Breville consumer line. Tell them one of your readers raved about her smart oven so you believed their coffee maker would be fantastic as well.
    What’s the worst that can happen? You get nowhere and do what I learned to do after umpteen expensive coffee makers bit the dust. I buy cheap Mr. Coffee machines. They last as long as the fancier ones did and when they go kaput, they go in the trash. Plus, using freshly ground beans, the coffee is fine for us.

    1. The Amazon website for this coffee maker is FULL of complaints about Breville customer service and also people citing a similar problem as mine. I manage to own an appliance just long enough for the warranty to expire before it craps out. It’s easier to buy something else, yet there’s not a one out there that really has consistent rave reviews.

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