Post-Vacation Quiz


How can (seemingly) smart people with a smart car navigating us end up on Route 50 in downtown DC????

Give me Manhattan anytime over driving in or around DC. What utter madness. 

Happily though, we’re home. Nearly eleven hours in the car, two tanks of gas, two rest stops, two lottery tickets bought in two different states. We lost about 35-40 minutes stuck on Route 50 which I think was Montana Avenue. 

Dawg woke me up late today, she must know I would be tired. Homemade coffee tastes sooooo good. Good to be home. 

Once I get going for the day I’ll post a North Carolina trip overview. Just not yet. 

5 thoughts on “Post-Vacation Quiz

  1. Welcome home! Gorgeous day too.

    If anyone tells you they’ve navigated around DC without getting confused or lost is a big fat liar. Those roads are a perfect analogy for our government. Circles to nowhere.

    What do you think of Boehner resigning?

    1. Just saw the question about Boehner. Mixed feelings. I know he’s hated by the Tea Party and most of the new Conservatives but I happen to think he did more to save the R’s than to hurt them. He negotiated with Dems, something most Conservatives refuse to do, or think is beneath them. Do I like that Obama keeps getting what he wants because Rs like Boehner make it possible? No, but I don’t think he’s the villain many are making him out to be. He’s already bought a condo/home in Florida so he’ll retire there and be happy. The bigger question is who is next?

  2. Welcome home to your own cozy bed! And dog. And good weather. Thanks for letting us tag along to NC with you — fun without having to leave mi casa!

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