Usually Green is Good

Except when the entire region is covered in the kind of green that means rain.

Plan to rethink itinerary over breakfast, leaving Raleigh Durham, skipping tour of Duke. Not sure where we’ll land. Stay tuned. 

4 thoughts on “Usually Green is Good

  1. With much bigger rain on the coast, I wonder if you are contemplating ending the NC your today? It’s not as if you’ve never seen waves smashing over the dunes. If you do drive home today, stay clear of the I-95 corridor, even if it means swinging way west to do it.

    1. After much consultation and coffee, the car is programmed for 10506. The hotel on the Outer Banks let us cancel without any charges because of the weather. Made no sense to pay to watch the pounding surf when we do that free in RI.
      Catherine, taking your suggestion, we’re taking the wider loop to eliminate the entire 95 corridor. Smart idea. It’ll take us longer milewise but less aggravation with Pope traffic and congestion.

  2. Charlottesville?
    Is that on the way home?
    Some beautiful scenery there….driving vistas and an accommodating Inn there.
    Permanent Pinehurst residency is solely for Golf Lovers. Especially, @CCNC. Low taxes, high entry ticket.
    Still PH is a great old place to visit. It’s always fun to go to a new place for the first time!!
    Many thanks all the pix+background info+commentary!

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