Uh Oh

Hotel parking lot wet so it must have rained overnight too. Several couples at breakfast fretting that their golf will be ruined. Doesn’t look any better for walking around, sightseeing. 

9 thoughts on “Uh Oh

  1. Rainy day activity to add to your list:
    The little library in Pinehurst village has endless actual historic local newspapers to read.
    From the last centuries , 1880’s onward.
    Haven’t been there for ten years, back then laboring on history of golf movie for NHK. We went to East Lake in Atlanta, Riverside Yacht Club, Bobby Jones home,
    interviewed Byron Nelson in Fort Worth, and spent on/off six weeks at Pinehust, at the time a CCA resort. Enough about moi.

    It was charming then and most likely more so today.

    Go pine cones!

    1. We did go into the library and it is a gem. And locals obviously use it. Same with the park right there. Lots of dog walkers. The Tufts Archives were sensational although true story, the woman volunteer was so gabby, talking about her daughter who lives in NYC (she asked me where I was from and from there it was all about her). It got so bad that we left the archive just to have an excuse to get out of the conversation!

  2. I like to look at real estate in bad weather. If a house looks attractive when it’s raining, it will look a heck of a lot better when the sun comes out. Plus, you can check how well the gutters and downspouts are working.
    It seems you are in for a couple of days of ‘inclement’ weather. Nobody ever talks about clement weather. How long until you get to the coast? Should be some terrific surf to watch.

    1. That’s about all we did, look at real estate. I said to the agent that I was sure police would stop us thinking we were scouting which houses were empty to go back and break in. It’s very difficult to take photos of houses, for many reasons – their privacy and difficulty of hanging out the car window to snap photo. But we drove down as many streets as we could find.

    2. PS: We get to the coast Saturday. One more night in Chapel Hill because I want to walk around Duke. In hindsight, one night here would have been plenty but when you plan, it’s so hard to know. Yes, I hear some good surf is in the forecast.

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