We’re already in Chapel Hill but spent until early afternoon in Pinehurst, driving around and getting out to walk when the rain let up enough to snap a photo. Southern Pines this morning was impossibly soaking rain to get out so I have only one or two photos from there, from yesterday when I thought I’d be back this morning for good pix.

Pinehurst is truly perfect, in every way shape and form. Mom and pop stores that are clever and unique. Residents who couldn’t be nicer. Culture with Carolina Symphony. Arts with theater and galleries. These photos are all from yesterday.

And golf. Lots of golf. So much golf.

The internet connection is slow at the hotel and twice has gone out on me so I’m going to post photos without much explanation of what they are, other than to say they are all in Old Town, the Village of Pinehurst.
















Today, with so much rain, we hunkered down in a great coffee shop and book store called Roast Office, in a building that was the fomer Post Office. Now how clever is that?? There weren’t many empty seats and a woman asked if she could share the table. Of course. Turns out she’s a realtor in town (one of 400!!!!!!!!!) so we gabbed about how things work – how to know where to live and how to join Pinehurst. She laughed and said joining Pinehurst is singularly a matter of writing a check, the amount depends on what kind of membership you want – one that includes playing every Pinehurst course down to a social membership. $45k per to $10k per person. She said many houses come with a membership, which I guess she means the price of the membership is built into the price of the house. In other words, you don’t want to move to Pinehurst in less you want to play golf. If you aren’t a golfer, you might prefer Southern Pines.

We talked about the Country Club of North Carolina houses too – for those, you must be proposed and approved and pay the initiation of $45k BEFORE being able to buy a home inside the grounds. The added that CCNC is a self-contained resort basically, with lakes, a pool, clubhouse, golf, tennis, walking trails, gated 24/7 – the whole nine yards. But seems to me that if you chose to live there, you’d be out of the loop of what happens in town. I’d prefer to live within walking distance of Old Town. Be in the thick of things. It was such a coincidence a realtor sat down because I didn’t want to go and waste a realtor’s time by asking all the questions she answered so it’s like I got a free consultation. She did give me her card. No dummy she.

Oops there’s goes the internet connection again……I don’t want to lose what I’ve written so far….

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