Charlotte, Queen for the Day

Hmmmmmm, for sure a 2.5 hour walkabout of Uptown Charlotte is not enough to pass judgement, but hey, that’s what I do best, so here goes.

First impressions: Condos, Cold, Corporate, and lots of Homeless. Did I say cold?? I can’t imagine living here, especially downtown. If it’s empty during the day, heavens, what could it be like at night, walking to a restaurant? No thanks.

The construction of huge new condo complexes seems to be driving the Uptown Charlotte economy. No fewer than five buildings I could see with cranes and active building going on, and must be what the young bankers want to live in while working in town.

These people are about to lose their light and view…see below.

Going up, right in front of the building above – bye bye sunlight.


This building is billed as a 45 story high end condo complex.

The Starbucks in that location is now under complete bat cave darkness while scaffolding and major ibeams are in place. I got my iced chai TO GO!!! Was totally creeped out being under those beams.


Uptown is vertical and predictably corporate looking. Banks banks banks. Boring boring boring.

Omni hotel……..



Bank of America HQ where there was a huge police presence this morning because the stockholders were voting on the fate of their CEO Brian Moynihan. I opted NOT to take photos of police!! But right after this photo, news vans pulled up. Moynihan’s job was saved so there’s one house in the Charlotte suburbs not soon to be on the market.

A Citibank-like bike rental program, sponsored by Blue Cross/Blue Shield.



Wells Fargo HQ – ugly!

Streets, even midday, were eerily empty, to the degree that TWICE I turned around, my NYC mantra safety in numbers raising a red flag.

This is the main drag in Charlotte, Tryon Street. Just look how empty it is of pedestrian and cars!


This yesterday, leaving NACSAR. No way would I walk down that street. Besides the lack of people, there are a lot of loiterers in general. One scruffy guy asked me if I knew where CVS was and I turned the other way. I was really uncomfortable. And this from a tried and true street-smart New Yorker.

Speaking of panhandlers and loiterers, Charlotte seems to have a huge homeless problem. The streets have beautiful benches, but for the most part, they were taken by sleeping homeless.




Here’s the museum we missed, and from the looks of all the other posters, we’re a day late for most everything. We missed a baseball game by a day too. That would have been fun to see.




Back at the hotel now to change clothes and get the car for a drive to the Billy Graham Library. And then BBQ. Midwood Smokehouse got the most votes.

2 thoughts on “Charlotte, Queen for the Day

  1. Fall is in the air up here. In case you want the local weather report. Had to wear multiple layers to play golf this morning!

  2. I remember reading The Wall Street Journal articles about headhunters looking for a new CEO for Bank of America around 2008. Couldn’t find any candidates willing to relocate to Charlotte. Then they said you could run the bank from Manhattan! Finally settled on Moynihan, head of legal for Merrill Lynch. Spent a year there, one week in 2007.

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