Billy Graham Library

Well, Charlotte got redeemed today with a visit just a few miles out of town to the Billy Graham Library. No matter your faith, or even lack of one, this library is so well done that I give it a TEN. And it’s FREE. Imagine that.

From the first person who greeted me at the gate to the last person who said Thanks for coming, everyone was genuinely happy to be working at the library, all obviously devout Christians. I felt like I was in the presence of some higher power. Corny perhaps, but the grounds and Graham’s story are truly inspirational. Charlotte uptown had little appeal, but if you are in this neck of the woods, the Billy Graham Library is a must.

Because everyone needs a Kenworth!

Lots of church vans of faithful coming from everywhere!



The library walks the visitor through Graham’s life, with a nod to his roots as the son of a dairy farmer, hence the shape of the library, and the first room is speaking with Bessie, the Cow.


Each room is a segment in time, from the tent he had in LA that drew people in for weeks to his importance as a radio and TV minister. Graham guided many presidents and was with Reagan at the Berlin Wall.






Exit through the gift shop, yes, even here. God wants you to buy something!

Then over to see the house that Graham lived in as a child, the house disassembled from its original location and rebuilt on the site of the library. The interior is replicated to look like how his mother had it. Even every blade of grass is Godly!




Graham’s wife Ruth died in 2007 and is buried here. She obviously had a great sense of humor, what with the quote on her gravestone.

Lots of visitors taking it all in, nodding and agreeing when the videos played inside each room. When leaving, we were asked, are you a born-again Christian? In case you were fibbing, you are directed to a prayer room and you are asked if you need to pray, for yourself or for anyone. I thought a minute and decided I was good to go.

A perfect balance to the grumbling morning we had. Now, on to BBQ!

6 thoughts on “Billy Graham Library

  1. who’s that guy in the maroon shirt behind the house on his knees? Is he praying — or weeding? Probably both,right?
    You’re funny… “good to go” !!

  2. I attended one of Graham’s huge outdoor events twenty years ago and remember thinking he was so passionate about his faith. It’s remarkable he’s loved by both political parties while he’s strongly for traditional marriage. His wife Ruth was beautiful and equally devout. Amazing family.

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