Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! 

Oh boy oh boy – the first stop was to NASCAR Hall of Fame. Who wants art and culture when you can see cars??? It was practically empty so we got to meander without lots of yahoos elbowing us out of the way. Doink, I left without my camera so forgive all the out of focus iPhone pix. They are bad.

The tour starts with a wide screen movie of the history of NASCAR – its roots, its founding, to today. I didn’t know its roots are in bootleg moonshine, but it is!

The museum is set up chronologically, cars oldest to newest and lots of opportunity to learn more about a driver or car there. The whole museum is interactive, with a million opportunities to take a simulated ride in one of the cars.

Cobra, this one has your name on it so I took the liberty of sending it to you. OK?

All along the recreated raceway, there were placards of several old raceways including samples of the pavement too – from nubby asphalt to concrete and even some smooth asphalt. I have to imagine the bumpier asphalt is what gives the near bare tires of race cars traction.

The Lowe’s Trailer was pretty impressive, inside and out.

The inside is compartmentalized so neatly for the crew to get what they need easily. There’s a full kitchen in the trailer as well as a front cab with a sofa and TV.

This group of tourists signed up for virtual driving – you get in a car and pretend race.

Here they are getting out of the cars, their scores posted on an iRacing board above them. I don’t think any of them is headed for Daytona!

This photo made me laugh – seniors thinking they are at a casino??? It looks like it.

My favorite car….Chrysler 300. What a boat.

And yes, one exits through the gift shop. Wait til the boys see what I bought.

3 thoughts on “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! 

  1. Nice Torino!…thanks for including it in these fine photos. Were I to tour this Mecca of NASCAR, I’d focus on Dale Sr.’s and Dale Jr.”s cars and memorabilia. I’m an enthusiastic member of the “Junior Nation” while watching each Sprint Cup race.

    1. My boys are also huge Dale Senior and Junior fans so when it came to buying something in the gift shop, I knew to skip the Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson aisles.

      The Earnhardt’s are NASCAR royalty and are treated as such at the museum.

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