Hendersonville: No One Under 75 Admitted

Hendersonville is one of the prettiest towns I’ve been to on this trip – pristine, especially the historic Main Street lined with trees.

But the whole time I was there, I never saw anyone without gray hair, retirees galore, all perfectly nice mind you, all spending their Social Security checks at the local shops, and everyone seemingly happy to be there – maybe THAT’S what threw me off? That and the fact that the town was TOO clean – as if I was on a movie set or in a Twilight Zone episode. I guess I’m too much of a jaded New Yorker to be in the presence of people who are genuinely nice all the time. I need some snark. And I need litter, so I can say, gee, who throws litter! I also need to be around people younger than I more often than not. I overheard someone say Hendersonville was just nominated as the Number One retirement city. The town brochure I picked up was page after page of local health care centers, ads for no-maintenance developments, craft shops – way too Mayberry for me. But obviously the town fathers of Hendersonville KNOW that retirees is what brings in the money so they do everything to bring them in. So bravo but I won’t be joining the population.







As we head to Charlotte Monday, we’ve had some time to think about our week in Western North Carolina. The mountain towns were my favorite but impossible to get to. So by process of elimination, they are out. Asheville has too many rasta-hippie kids hanging around but lots of craft breweries too. Not a place I see myself either even though it does have one major qualifier – a good regional airport that serves New York. Lake Lure is really pretty and gets a lot of active people coming to canoe, kayak, climb, and golf. So from that point of view, it’s a healthy good mix of young and older. Good grocery store. But far from everything else. No movie theater. And things close up off-season. I’ve eliminated Lake Lure too. And Hendersonville is out by the reasons outlined above. Therefore, Western North Carolina has been voted out. We’ll see what central NC and coastal towns have to offer.

I’ll leave you with a trivia question:
This cove and these stairs…..What movie – what scenes?



19 thoughts on “Hendersonville: No One Under 75 Admitted

  1. Your drive through NC is to see if you want to move there?

    The movie on Lake Lure is Dirty Dancing but I can’t tell you the scenes.

    1. Nobody puts baby in the corner.

      The stairs were used twice. Once when Gray’s character is trying out all the steps she’s learned and then there’s a minor scene on those steps carrying large whole watermelons.

        1. As you might guess, this neck of the woods is prime camper/motorcoach country. The local TV channels have a ton of ads.. Come On Down for year end sales of campers…and speaking from a regrettable experience, I got stuck behind one slow poke third-wheel camper truck, towing a small car. No, that won’t be us. The closest we came to camp life was visiting a HUUUUGE motorcoach dealer when we vacationed in Palm Springs. That was so much fun.

  2. Even if you do eliminate all of NC, it is because you invested the time to see it up close and personal. I love the idea of journeying through the states.

    BBQ in Charlotte!

  3. SC always had my favorite BBQ – the mustard based kind. If you’re near Columbia – you have to try Maurice’s. He was the Grand Dragon of the local Ku Klux Klan, but he sure made good BBQ. Just passed away. Or try The Farmer’s Shed in Lexington for their Shrimp & Grits.

    1. I’m not a BBQ expert at all do thanks for telling me the difference. I watch enough Food Network that I know there are regional differences. I’ll be sure and report on what I find in NC.
      Our SC journey isn’t this year.

    2. Again Mr85Broad and I seem to travel in similar circles:

      That would be Senator Maurice of Santee. His place has lost favor with me:

      https://www.piggiepark.com/ at I-95 Exit 98, about 750 miles from Bedford NY

      in favor of a somewhat more authentic

      http://www.lonestarbbq.net/ about a mile toward the boat ramp at Lake Marion.

      The entire southern BBQ experience derives from the pioneering discovery walk of Desoto, who brought his initial herd of swine ashore in Tampa Bay in 1539.

      The variation in BBQ is based largely on sauces:

      off topic by a continent
      Burning Man’s Flamming Piano trebuchet toss:

    1. I was told by several people to bop down to Greenville (pronounced by the locals, Greenvull). It’s only 1.5 hours from Lake Lure and we thought and thought and thought, do we really want to add Greenville on this trip? We decide against it but it remains on our radar. Thanks.

    1. Neat!!! As you might imagine, Lake Lure has annual Dirty Dancing events, where people who come reenact scenes like the one on the steps. The movie is a big deal in LL.

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