I Guess I’m Still Sleepy After Staying Up For the Whole Debate

Halfway to Chimney Rock, I looked down at my feet and realized I left the house with my slippers still on!!!!

Speaking of the debate… Loved it. Hated it. Loved listening to so many points of view. Loved Carly. Liked Kasich. Hated Trump. Hated the CNN format, making it all about Donald. Trump had 20 minutes airtime to Walker’s 9!!!!! And I really wanted to hear more from Walker. Christie held his own and scored some good points. But the night belonged to Fiorina. What I wouldn’t kill to listen to a Hillary-Carly debate. 

Chat amongst yourselves about the debate while I climb a mountain. Ain’t no mountain high enough….. 

By the way, I’ve changed into shoes! 

4 thoughts on “I Guess I’m Still Sleepy After Staying Up For the Whole Debate

  1. I thought they were both worth watching. (the 6 & the 8) It was a strange format – if your name was mentioned then you got to speak. Looked like Jeb was having some side chat with Walker, probably asking him to mention him to get another chance to hear his voice. Again Carly was impressive just as she was in the 1st JV debate.

    1. I’m tempted to drive to Greenville SC today (only about 90 min away) because Gov. Nikki Haley is hosting a huge R conference with most of the R leaders. The local TV is reporting a lot about it, other than if they want an audience.

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