I Earned the Sticker & the T-Shirt by Climbing Chimney Rock!

Going up…….

It looked so simple….….

Then, this…….I let them go ahead since they looked like serious climbers.

One foot in front of the other..my FitBit was binging all kinds of accomplishments climbing stairs! 


Every once in a while, a pause to SAY I was looking at the view, but in reality, a moment to catch my breath.

A shoot-off staircase to Pulpit Point. 

Almost there, almost there, almost there..…………

The views along the way……….




Met lots of interesting people at the top. The young couple on the right are from near Lynchburg, VA, celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. They own and run a chicken farm so this is the first time in twenty years they’ve gotten away from the farm, and the children! They never even had a honeymoon. They looked very happy!

The woman sitting down was from South Carolina, climbing with her daughter who wasn’t at the top yet. The woman in the orange top hails from Exeter, New Hampshire, and she and her husband are thinking of retiring to North Carolina and said so far, Hendersonville is their favorite spot.


The view from the top……….




Perfect morning. Bright sunshine and views views views.

6 thoughts on “I Earned the Sticker & the T-Shirt by Climbing Chimney Rock!

  1. What a thrill! Great pics. Would have been more comfortable if you kept those slippers on. It was a dry day the steps look just like indoor staircase, no?

    1. The stairs were actually very easy to climb and yes, like an indoor staircase. There’s actually an elevator (!) but it’s been out of service all summer. I did wonder how they’d get anyone hurt down the stairs easily. No visible sign of park employees either. While the elevator is out of service the entrance fee is reduced by $2. I wouldn’t have taken the elevator anyway but it serves those who can’t make the climb.

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