All The Doctors Have Moved!



Western North Carolina is big-time apple country – and I believe Hendersonville is officially called an apple capital. Understandable since every fifty feet is an apple stand – Grandma’s, Grandad’s, Lyda’s, Frank’s, Susie’s……I stopped at Grandad’s only because it was crowded so I figure everyone else knew something I didn’t know.








I brought home a half dozen red Jona Prince and uh oh, somehow, a half dozen hot cider donuts got in the bag too. Oh well, when in a Roman apple country……….

3 thoughts on “All The Doctors Have Moved!

    1. Eating out of hand. It was bad enough that donuts came home, so double no to baking. They are so crisp and juicy. The stand had a tasting bar so you could decide before buying.

      1. The whole foods in Mill Valley CA used to do that – cut into fruit and let you taste anything. Maybe I’ll see if they’ll do that here in Greenwich. PS cider donuts are worth every calorie in my opinion πŸ™‚

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