Pays to Have Friends in High Places

We’re waaaay up in the woods above Lake Lure in a fabulous cabin owned by my Iowa family that they use as their winter getaway from all that Iowa snow. The sun is bright, and the breezes divine with all the french doors open. The birds are chirping, yes, Life is Good!



Diana has impeccable taste so the whole cabin is decorated with super comfy furniture, inside and out. There’s THREE sides to a huge wonderful deck, with everything from rocking chairs to places to eat and read.

First dibs, my corner!

Second dibs……….

Before we got comfy, we zipped down and over to the local supermarket, Ingles – a fabulous huge clean and well-stocked place.


I’d say, wiothout a doubt, we are good to go for the week. We’ll stay local tomorrow, head over to Chimney Rock, maybe take a leisurely cruise on the Lake, and maybe too just hang out on the deck. I report. You decide.

9 thoughts on “Pays to Have Friends in High Places

  1. Hoping you have warm, sunny days and crisp- but not cold- nights to enjoy this week. Must be a treat to be away after all the months of construction in Bedford and RI.

  2. My sister’s in-laws have a cabin on Lake Lure so we know that neck of the woods well. I’m with your friends, wanting a cabin high up in the woods and not down on the noisy lake where everyone peers into your cabin. Not to mention the mosquitoes.

    Enjoy the respite. We’ve been away ourselves, in Atlanta for a wedding.

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