A Day to Be Thankful

I’m in a god-fearing part of North Carolina – churches abound – all faiths – so today I traveled to Blowing Rock to attend the 8am service at St. Mary of the Hills Episcopal Church. Beautiful location, even lovlier church. The congregants, all twenty, could see I was the visitor of the group and to a one, they came up and shook my hand, welcomed me, and invited me for coffee and donuts afterwards. It was really wonderful.

The Presbyterian church across the street was busy, the Baptists, the Catholics, and Seventh Day Adventists were gathering as well.



At breakfast, many families around me held hands and said a prayer before eating. It’s really quite nice to see. I don’t think I’m in any religious right neck of the woods, just simple, hard-working, prayerful and faithful residents, giving thanks for what they have. I’m all for that.

Even the local police have trust in God!

We woke to a temperature at barely 40 degrees. I did not come prepared for that. So we are bailing on Boone today for a more temperate area in Lake Lure, our base for a week while we sightsee in and around Asheville etc.

Our plan to spend the day in Blowing Rock changed when we saw the town was empty when church got out at 9. It is pretty but we are packing up and heading south, for hopefully some sunshine!





Regular Little Rock Reader, this is for you………… 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Day to Be Thankful

    1. I’d say for the most part in Boone it was American made vehicles, plus Honda and Subaru. In Banner Elk, up atop grandfather Mountain, in Linville, and this morning, the cars in the church parking lot, were more high-end imports. I was parked between a Lexus and a BMW X3. I haven’t seen any Tesla’s, but I really wasn’t looking. From here on out, I will.

      I can’t listen to a book when on a road trip. I have to have music going or have a conversation.

  1. Looks like autumn comes early to the NC mountains judging by the leaves on the ground. 40 is a tad nippy, a temperature to turn the heat up in a convertible and think about putting up the top.
    Is Sunday a day of rest in those parts? Are some stores closed? What about buying booze? Nice that you’re finding the people so friendly and welcoming.

    1. Autumn was definitely on its way in the mountains but down here, sea level, Lake Lure, it’s still summer and things are pretty green yet.

      Lots of places are closed on Sunday, Chick-Fil-A not the only one to so choose. When we stopped for gas in Lenoir, the woman behind me must have had beer in her hand, I didn’t really look, but I heard the clerk say you can’t buy that until noon. Everyone is incredibly friendly.

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