Lees-McRae College

Lees-McRae College. Who knew? Not I.

Pays to get outside the New York bubble once in a while and see amazing colleges and towns. We found Lees-McRae quite by accident, moosing around in Banner Elk. Never heard of it before, so obviously never seen it before. It was absolutely beautiful in every way shape and form – from the campus buildings to the perspective students we met. We added ourselves onto a tour group, a boy looking because he was recruited to play soccer and a girl who was from the area and was looking at many colleges. (Coincidentally, we saw the parents and daughter later in the day, walking around ASU! What are the odds??)

The President's Home, once the Admissions building.
The President’s Home, once the Admissions building.











2 thoughts on “Lees-McRae College

  1. Isn’t Lees-McRae just a little jem?! Friends have a house right near Sugar Mtn, & I have seen that eyesore condo complex. Really makes you scratch your head. There’s a nice little public golf course nearby & a decent restaurant where they have karaoke. It’s so much fun to head there for a few drinks & reasonably priced meal & cringe a little & (sometimes a lot) & laugh when those either brave or drunk enough get up to sing.

    That area is a favorite of many Florida, South Carolina & S.E. Georgia residents looking to get out of the scorching heat & humidity of summer. The winters can be brutal, though.

    Too bad the weather’s been crappy. You should have better luck tomorrow. Sunshine at last! What a wonderful way to explore. Get the hell off the interstate & just wander. We used to do that & each trip had a food theme depending on locale. Barbeque would be appropriate for your current locale. When on the coast we would pick crab cakes. Oddly enough, it never got old.

    1. I bet the winters are brutal. The roads must be next to impossible to traverse with snow. And I hear Sugar Mountain gets tons of snow.
      Yes, the best part of a trip like this is having no plan. We just go until we’re done for the day. Taking roads for no reason- that’s how we found Lees McRae. Loved it.
      Believe it or not, we haven’t had any BBQ yet. We drove past a place on the way back to Boone, something Pig, the parking lot packed but at that point we weren’t hungry. I’m sure BBQ will find its way into our stomach soon enough.

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