Greater Downtown Boone

After such a long drive, we couldn’t wait to stretch our legs and walk walk walk so we did just that – a full loop up and down the portion of King Street that is defined as downtown, a cursory look only,just to get our bearings.

First and foremost, Boone is a college town, Appalachian State University, a gorgeous huge campus that we’ll tour tomorrow. Twixt’n tween the college kids, we spied lots of retirees, strolling just like we were, popping in and out of stores. The only difference between them and us – we look much younger! I think we could pass for college kids!


Chaser: 🙂

Lots of law firms too. Plus, the guy singing for his supper (we gave him a few bucks)

A ton of vans driving around town with writing all over them – an event weekend? We’ll have to ask.


And we found, but didn’t choose to eat there, what must be THE place to eat in town. The line around the take out window was SO long it went out into the street. The Come Back Shack.

Nighty night. We’re beat. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3 thoughts on “Greater Downtown Boone

  1. “in my mind I’m gone to Carolina…” (I won’t ask if you’ve visited an apple farm in Boone. Shades of the 60’s when Mateus and Lancers were in).
    I’ve never been to NC so I’m relying on you to do another one of your terrific trip reports. Plan is to see Charleston later this fall. Driving is under consideration with a stop or two along the way.
    September is a glorious month to travel.

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