Boone: It’s a’Fer Piece

Route 421, about twenty minutes outside Boone yet.

Ten and a half hours driving time. Three short stops. Not much sleep last night, waking almost every hour. Ugh. We got on the road at 5:05, the first two hours the longest and hardest, no light and some pockets of rain. Once the sun came up, the rest of the drive was easy. 287 to 78 to 81 to 77 to 421. Bingo.

One mild panic along the way. Me, lead foot EOS, was getting irritated at a long line of slowpokes in the left lane and I saw an opening to pass them all on the right and sneak back in ahead of them. I hit metal to the pedal, but I guess a wee bit too much, and my car lit up like a Christmas tree, EPC, yellow exclamation points! We looked it up quickly to make sure I didn’t have to pull over and the explanations were vague at best, other than to say I had exceeded the RPMs desired for the car to be safe. I guess I punched the accelerator more than I thought! Anyway, we stopped about twenty minutes later to get gas and when I turned the engine back on, the alert was gone. Phew. We were in the middle of nowhere!!

We’re about to go for a walk, to stretch the legs and take some pix. While here, we plan to not only see Boone, but also Blowing Rock, Linville, Grandfather’s Mountain, and Banner Elk.

Saw one car with a confederate flag already and this one…so I’m not sure the politics of Boone yet!!

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